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Friday, 29 July 2016


WordPress is another powerful platform for creating a blog or website; it offers professional and quality output. WordPress is different from other platforms in so many ways and thus, it is associated with experienced people. There are two types of site you can create with WordPress and this is the free blog already hosted by WordPress and the self hosted blog. Both of them are created using the same method which I will discuss with you. The free WordPress blog has a sub domain with WordPress in it which makes your URL lengthy and somehow ugly while the self hosted wordpress has a shortened and more appealing URL. There are a lot of limits to the things you do on the free blog such as the prohibition against the placement of ads. The self hosted wordpress gives you full control over your blog and you can place whatever ads you like on it without any penalty. Self hosted wordpress blog is really costly compared to the free one. Wordpress offers lots of themes which you can use to beautify your blog and also, there are millions of plug gins which you can add to your site for easy accomplishment of task. i will make this tutorial as simple as possible with each steps accompanied with screen shots on how to go about it so let’s get started already.

STEP 1: open your web browser and go to and on their homepage, click “get started” or “create a site”.
STEP 2: a page appears asking you what your website is about as shown on the screen shot below. Choose what your website is about and this will open another page

STEP 3: on this page, choose what you want your homepage to look like. This options include: a list of my latest post, a welcome page for my site and a grid of my latest post. See image below
STEP 4: when you make a choice in step 3 above, another page appears asking you to choose a theme and this theme can easily be changed by you anytime, any day you want to change it. See sample below

STEP 5: after selecting your theme, you will be asked on the next page to choose a web address and also to choose whether you need either a custom domain or a free domain name. Make your choice based on what you want. You can upgrade from a free blog to a custom domain blog anytime you are ready so let’s proceed.

STEP 6: after choosing a domain name, another page appears asking you to choose a plan that’s best for you. The plans include the free plan, premium plan and business plan with the other two except the free plan being paid for.

STEP 7: a form appears asking you to create your account. On the form, enter your email address, username and choose a password. Click create account to create your blog.
STEP 8: on clicking create account, a page opens telling you to give them few minutes and which later displays a success message. During the process of giving them few minutes, a mail is sent through your email address which you have to open in order to verify that you actually owned the email address you entered.


STEP 9: when you click on continue from step 8 above, a page displaying your dashboard displays and at this point, you can be said to have successfully created a wordpress site. Navigate through your dashboard and make your first post. Congrats!

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