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Friday, 29 July 2016


Hey! So you’ve finally decided to create your own blog? If your answer is “YES”, then you are at the right place because on this blog, we will make it as simple as possible, I mean really really simple with each steps accompanied with images showing how to go about it. If you have limited knowledge about some technical terms used in blogging, you don't have to worry. Don’t get scared alright? It’s as simple as ABC or should I say it’s as simple as falling off a log of wood, Lol! Let’s get started buddies.



Just like any other kind of business, blogging has its own requirement but it’s not that demanding. You and I know that it’s impossible to weed a farm without a hoe, tractor or any other tools nor is it possible to build a house without cement, sand, roofs etc. what I’m actually trying to say here is that to create a blog, you must have the following under listed apparatus:
  1. A laptop or desktop computer or a good smart phone.
  2. A working internet connection (could be the use of modem or WiFi)
  3. An email address, G mail for blogger. Click here to create your G mail 
You see how small the requirements are? So if you’ve gotten all this already, then you are at first glance said to be serious about your blogging dreams and do you know what we do on this blog? We actually make your dreams come true, no kidding. Let’s check out the next procedure.


By choice of blogging platform, I mean the actual site you are creating your blog on. There are many blogging platforms but the once given much prominence includes blogger, WordPress, Joomla and weebly. For the purpose of this tutorial and for your own good and for the fact that you are really new into blogging, I will recommend blogger for you and my reasons are stated below.

BLOGGER: Blogger is a blogging platform owned by google which allow people create accounts or blog for the purpose of creating awareness and income. I guess you must have heard a lot and also read a lot about blogger and most of all, you have also heard and read about cases in which people complain of their blogs being deleted by Google. 

A lot of people will go on to tell you about the bad sides of blogger, its deficiencies and other related scary information, I don’t do that and I don’t think I will ever do it. The reason people’s blog are deleted is because in one way or the other, they have violated one or more of the laws contained in bloggers TERMS AND CONDITIONS and by so doing, you will be pernalized for it. 

Most of those terms and conditions includes: posting adult or sexual contents, posting things that leads to the abuse of children, spamming, promoting illegal goods like cocaine, using your blog to insult or publish dreadful stories about people etc. once you violate any of those, you will go in for it and as long as you obey them, you will never complain same. 

There are a lot of popular bloggers in Nigeria and world over making millions through blogger, blogs like that of Linda ikeji, jide ogbonanya and lots more but they have never gotten their blogs deleted so you really have nothing to get scared about. These are the reasons why I recommend BlogSpot for you:

  • SECURITY: the fact that blogger is owned by Google should suggest to you that their security will be tight and indeed it’s tight. You will never complain of hacked blog except you leaked out your information to people or make them public which I will strongly advise you to keep everything a secret to you and you alone.
  • FREE HOSTING: With blogger, you don’t need to host your blog but you may need to get a custom domain, the concept of custom domain is that when you create your free blog on blogger, your website URL will look like this this makes your URL lengthy and unprofessional or somehow ugly, so what the custom domain does is remove the BlogSpot part of it thereby limiting it to .com, .net, .org or whatever extension you desire. (These will be explained in details as we proceed).
  • LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL REQUIRED: what really adds to the cost of a blog is its hosting. Blogger has already hosted your blog for you thereby saving you some money. All you might do is get a custom domain which is very cheap, it can be purchased between 3$ - 10$ per month and might cost less if you choose a low charging domain registrar.
  • USER FRIENDLY: using blogger does not require any coding or programming knowledge, its very easy to operate and with my guide, you will see just how simple it can really be. You know you are lucky that you have an online tutorial that helps to prevent unnecessary and damaging mistakes unlike when I started my own blogging; I made all my mistakes and learnt from them. It’s said that experience is the best teacher and learning from your mistakes is really what puts you on track but I think sometimes its just good to learn from others mistakes. 
  • MONETISING FREEDOM: blogger allows you to place adverts on your blog and thereby make money from it without any penalty unlike WordPress which penalizes or suspend your account the very moment you place an ads on it. 
WORDPRESS: In my opinion, when it comes to free and I mean really free platform, I put up my two hands for blogger. WordPress does not allow the placement of ads on you blog, your access to themes is limited, WordPress looks more professional and is used by experienced people.

WordPress works best on self hosted sites than free ones.(more about wordpress will be discussed later so let’s speed so that you can create your first blog). If you choosed blogger then you can proceed to step 2


By the way, let me tell you what a domain name is. A domain name is a unique address specific to only your blog and which allows people to access your blog (layman definition). Two people cannot have the same domain name. a custom domain name is a domain name that you acquire from another source, usually from a domain registrar and is usually paid for while the free domain name is the one blogger or wordpress gives you when you create a free blog. 

A custom domain looks this way [] while a free domain looks like []. You can easily spot out the difference between them and these are: a custom domain ends with a .com or .org or any other extension while a free blog ends with a 

The free blog domain name makes your blog address too lengthy and somehow difficult to remember and hence, I will recommend that you register for a custom domain. (N/B: you can change a free domain to a custom domain at anytime you like and this will not affect any content or any layout in your blog, the only change will be from to[] click here to learn how to register for a custom domain. )

I will assume that you went for with the free domain name, you should not worry about this because you can change it anytime you have the money to get one and I will suggest that those going into blogging for the very first time should use the free domain name until they have mastered all the rudiments of blogger before going for the custom name. 

if you want to get the custom domain name, the worlds largest domain registrar is godaddy and you can access this site by going to , others are also available like hostgator,ipage,1and1 you can read about them from google but I recommend godaddy friends. Click here to learn how to get a custom domain from godaddy


On your web browser, login to , remember that you must have a Gmail before you can create a blog on blogger so create another tab on your browser and click here to create your Gmail or go to .this should take few minutes and as soon as you are done, come back and continue here to create your blog. 

When you visit, on their homepage enter your Google username and password to sign in , type a display name which is how you will be seen as the site author and accept Blogger's Terms of Service. Finally, click “Create a Blog” to begin the creation of your first blog. Another page displays which looks like this on the picture

Under "TITLE", type the title of your blog for e.g on this picture, the title I choosed is “my test blog”

Under "ADDRESS", type your website address and wait for blogger to check if your website address is available or if it has been taken by another person (make sure you choose an address that reflects what your blog will be all about, for e.g, if you want to blog or be writing about fishes, then your address should look like this “fishzone” but not like this “lionszone” I hope you understand what I’m trying to stress out here. If you are writing about fish, then your address should try as much as possible to reflect fish and not another animal, understood? “Yes”.click here to learn how to choose a good blog address or niche

Under "template", choose any template you like, the template shows what your blog will look like when your visitors view it on their browser you can choose any of them since it can be changed anytime you like. 

Finally, click “create blog” to create your blog and this will lead you to your blog’s dashboard where you can publish your post and also explore every other features.

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  1. Nice hints ! I enjoyed this article. Any ideas on writing a data room reviews ? This cloud technology is developing so fast these days.


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