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Friday, 29 July 2016



A lot of bloggers will admonish you to blog about the topic you know very much and also about something you love but we all know that there are some things we love which is not worth blogging about and for this reason, I disagree with them. You can blog about any topic that catches your interest even if you don’t know so much about it. Most people go into blogging for earning sake and this is allowed because the data connection you use for posting is purchased including other things to mention but a few. I will leak a little but necessary secret to you on how to create a good post even if you don't have a slightest idea about it. Follow these steps and you are bound to make a difference:


BLOGGING NOTEBOOK: get a special blogging notebook which will be unique to your blog. Use this notebook for writing all the steps on how you will feature your post, make sketches if possible.

1. PLAN YOUR POST: planning makes things go perfectly, it is in this stage that we think of what to write, how to write, how to arrange it and also how to conclude it. Before you make any post, plan very well about it, think of how to play with words and make them sound good in order not to bore your visitors to leave your site. 

2. COLLATION OF MATERIALS FOR THE POST: It makes more sense when you place pictures in your post. It helps make your write up more attractive and also reduces the boredom of reading your post by your visitors. Gather every materials relating to your post, if your post will include a link to another site, get the link to the site and write it into your special blogging notebook. 

Create images for your post using any photo editing software like Photoshop or Corel photo paint and also avoid the use of google images in your post because most of those images have copyrights. After gathering your site links and images, store them in one folder on your PC with names that will be easily identified to avoid uploading the wrong image to the post. 

3. EXTENSIVE READING ABOUT THE TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE: by reading, we gradually dispel our ignorance and also increase our knowledge base. If you don’t know so much about the topic you are writing on, you can seek the help of others by logging into the internet and reading related post about your topic. 

By so doing, you will learn a lot, you will now understand how to set up your post. Note the important facts and discard the stories so that you can also build your own stories from the gathered facts. NOTE: do not copy any material or article from another person’s blog and paste it on your own. This is a serious offence that can lead to the deletion of your blog by google. 

If you should get anything from any site, do well by mentioning the source of the file on your post or even including a link to that site. By so doing, your visitors will see you as an honest and responsible person.

4. WRITE YOUR POST: kick start the process of writing your post. Usually, what I do is create my post on Microsoft word and then copy it to my blog, smartphone users can create their post using Kingsoft. By this way, I won’t waste my data and also, it helps in proof reading your post since Microsoft word can detect grammatical errors in your post. 

As you are creating your post on Microsoft word, highlight any point you will insert a link for easy remembrance and also insert your pictures into your documents, proof read it and check any underlined word for corrections. When writing your post , try as much as possible to make it lively, write it in such a way that will make it look like you are discussing with someone in front of you; you can insert smileys or make a funny sentence thereby making your fans want to read more . 

Insert links about related post within your blog in your post. This will help in digging out older post and also increasing the amount of time your visitors spend on your blog.

5. PUBLISH YOUR POST: connect your computer or smartphone to the internet, open the document and copy your post into your text editor. Insert your pictures at strategic positions and also insert your links leading to other post within or outside your blog. Format your text by choosing from the list of fonts. Preview your post and if you are satisfied with the way it appears, PUBLISH IT.

6. PROMOTE YOUR POST: you can promote your post by linking your blog to your social media accounts. Link it to your facebook fan page and if you don’t have one then create it, your twitter, pinterest, instagram and lots more. Disseminate the links to your post as messages to your friends and be careful not to make it look like spam so that you won’t annoy your friends. 

After this, you can sit down and watch the magic happen to your blog and remember to give credit to whom its due by coming back to share your experience on the comment section. ENJOY!

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