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Wednesday, 27 July 2016



Actually, a custom domain is your own personal mansion on the internet, it is a unique name choosen by you and which solely belongs to you and you alone. No two websites or blog can have the same domain name because if this should have been, it would have been really really confusing to access a piece of information on a desired site. 

A custom domain Is not usually free, it is paid for and if you come across any site claiming to dish out domain names for free, run 440 like Usain Bolt because after the first year which is free, you will be made to pay for both the free year and the second year in which you will not have a choice but to comply. Having your blog registered with a custom domain makes more sense right?


  • It makes your blog look more professional and to also standout among other millions of free blogs 
  • Spending few dollars $ on acquiring a domain name gives people the impression that you are really serious about your blogging goal 
  • It prevents others from acquiring your desired domain name because sometimes, our dreams and desire do coincide with that of others. 
  • It increases your chances of google adsense approval which is a very important means of making money online. 
  • It makes your URL easy to recall etc 


I will use godaddy for the purpose of this illustration although there are other sites you can register your domain name.

STEP 1: login to and proceed to register your domain name. Usually, the default language on that site is not English [maybe Netherland] so you have to change it to English or your desired language then type in your domain name to check for availability.

STEP 2: If your desired domain name is available, proceed by clicking on cart which will take you to another page, if you wish to add other things shown to you on the page, you can choose them else select "NO THANKS" throughout and proceed.

STEP 3: On the page that appears, click continue if you are a new customer or enter your login details if you already have an account with them. See image below

STEP 4: A form appears on your screen, fill in the details required on the form with the correct information and also your desired mode of payment (through credit card or check) credit card details should be entered correctly, your credit card will not be billed yet until you proceed to the next page. See screenshot below

STEP 5: You will be prompted to review your order and confirm your purchase on the next page that will appear as shown on the screenshot below. Crosscheck your details and make sure your correct details are being displayed. Click PLACE YOUR ORDER to proceed.

STEP 6: wait for your transaction to be processed if successful, you will see a congratulatory message on your screen which may look like this screenshot

Congratulations! You have successfully registered your domain name N/B: check your email and you will receive few mails from godaddy one of which will ask you to click a link to verify your email in order to be able to use your domain name. if you don’t make your verification, your account will be put on hold until you do so. Enjoy!

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