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Monday, 29 August 2016


Changing the default menu title of a newly purchased or freely downloaded template is not that tough a job. You don’t need any coding knowledge rather all you need is the ability to follow instructions carefully. If you follow the steps I’m about to show you, you will be able to edit anything you like on your template without any guide from me or google itself. Editing the menu bars of your blogger templates can be achieved in two ways

  • Online- through the “edit HTML” section of your blog 
  • Offline- through the use of notepad. 

I will show you the two methods and from there, you can choose the one that is easier for you. To edit your blogger template online through the edit HTML section of your blog, do the following and follow this instructions carefully as to any mistake can ruin the template. Remember that just as I said earlier, editing your blogger templates menu does not require any coding knowledge but the ability to follow instructions carefully. Here we go!

1. Login to your blogger account>template>Edit HTML of your desired blog.

On the edit HTML box, press ctrl + F keys. A search box will appear, type in any of the titles from the menu bar you want to edit. Let’s use the blogger templates menu in the image below to illustrate this

2. You will see a code displayed with blogger templates highlighted.

3. Change the name “blogger templates” to the title of your desired menu bar.

4. Replace “#” with your title menu’s link which will lead to the desired page. Make sure you don’t use a broken link.

5. click to save your work. 

You have successfully configured your menu bar. You can follow the same steps to configure others.
To edit your menu bar offline through the use of notepad do the following with care too:
  1. Open your notepad software 
  2. Right click on the XML file of your template and open it with notepad through the “open with” option on the fly out menu. 
  3. On your template which is now open in the notepad press ctrl + F (for windows os) to open the search the search box. Now, either you type in <!-- Navigation -->, <div class='menu-wrap'> and search for search for the menu section or you copy the title you want to edit from your blog and paste it the way it is on the search box. When you find the code, you can edit it and also enter your URL by replacing the “#” inside the <a href=”#”> code, sometimes the template designer may have used a typical URL instead of the “#” so you still need to clear it and place yours. 
  4. save your template by using ctrl + s 
  5. login to your blogger dashboard and upload your template to your test blog first to check if the changes are okay before uploading to your main blog. If you don’t have a test blog, it’s proper you get one
You see how simple it is to edit your blogger template’s menu bar- no stress, no googling over and over again to learn it.

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