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Friday, 5 August 2016


Hello! It just crossed my mind that I should share with you the 5 most grievous and not easily avoided mistakes that new bloggers make. Many newbie’s go into blogging with a whole lot of expectations which may include paramountly- money making, popularity and standing out among others. I will say that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a ritual that can harness money for you, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, reasoning, time, energy and money investment. 

Proper planning can make you a successful blogger and may go as far as making you better than anyone who has been in the platform for a long time. It makes your blog look organized and easy to go through. There are several mistakes that are committed by bloggers as a whole but mostly the new ones, so I will list out the 5 grievous mistakes and explanations with solution will follow after.
  1. Wrong choice of blog niche or blogging topic
  2. Copying and pasting 
  3. Wrong choice of blog address 
  4. Wrong choice of web host and domain registrar
  5. High expectations

1. Wrong choice of blog niche or blogging topic: this is the prominent or most occurring mistakes ever made by bloggers. If you have come across a blog which has 3 or 4 post and with date of post within a range of 2-4 years, then you should know that this particular factor played on that blog.


From the way I understand it, which is the same way I will also wish you understand too, a blog niche can be said to be a topic, collection of topics, write up or post which points to one target or which suggest one idea or which aims at solving a problem relating to a specific thing or subject matter. 

A person who blogs about cars, latest cars, car prices, car maintenance tips, car purchase and marketing is said to have a niche which is based on cars. From this illustration, you can see that whatever relates to cars is what you will find on that person’s blog. 

When you mix up post, for example by blogging about cars, foods, pets, entertainments, relationship and lots more, you can’t be said to have a niche and your blog can be classified under GENERAL.


A niche blogger is a person that deals on the provision of information about a particular thing of interest. In our above illustration, the blogger who wrote about cars and cars alone is called a niche blogger. Understood? (I guess “yes”).

Now, over to our problem of wrong choice of blogging niche. When once you choose a niche that you have limited idea about, you are bound to run out of ideas and thereby abandoning your blog.[learn how to choose a blog niche]. When choosing a niche, evaluate yourself, check your passion for the topic you are about to write on. 

Do not choose a topic because your friend is also writing about it too and probably he/she is making money from it. His/her case might be different from yours. Her topic might be what she loves most and the simple trick on how to know your blog niche, is by listing out your hobbies, evaluating them, ask yourself which one of them you can abandon anything else just for its sake and when you identify it, congrats that’s your niche.

2. COPYING AND PASTING: another viral mistake is the issue of copy and paste. At first when you create your blog, you may not have a luring post to publish and you may recall that you actually read a nice one on another person’s blog and then you resolve to copying or lifting from there and pasting on yours. This is not allowed on blogging. 

You are allowed to read but not to copy and paste. Another similar offence is rewriting another person’s article. This can be understandable and forgive able if at some point, you give credit to the source or owner of the article. To avoid copying and pasting, read extensively about the title of your post, gather information from many sources by using the ideas from their post to create your own post. 

Create pictures to cook up your post and with this, you will be surprised that your post might be better than that which you would have copied.

3. WRONG CHOICE OF BLOG ADDRESS: this is self explanatory; choose an address that will give a clue about what your blog will be based on. From the car niche illustration we made earlier, a blog address that looks like, is preferable to names like (i.e. something like The former blog address gives a clue on what to expect on your blog than the latter. So coin a word that will reflect on your topic.

4. WRONG CHOICE OF WEB HOST AND DOMAIN REGISTRAR: for those of us on wordpress who needs to host their blog, being a newbie, you will be faced with confusions as to who to host your blog with. Make sure that you review all available domain registrars and web hosting sites properly before choosing one, search on google, check forums and read about other people’s experience so that you will not get stuck in the process. 

Names like godaddy, ipage, hostgator and bluehost are associated with quality service and 24/7 customer support and community service, so you can review about them and make your choice. Do not choose a costly web hosting site in order not to run at a loss. does not require web hosting but only a custom domain which is cheaply provided by godaddy.

5. HIGH EXPECTATIONS: this is not only a problem; it is a disease that affects many people. (it actually affected me too). On creating your blog, you will have a lot of expectations, dreams and wishes. You just have to know that all your expectations will manifest with time.

Blogging is not a get rich scheme so calm down, write, publish and build your blog. Your page views might be low for the first 3 months but greater effort will boost it to its apex.

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