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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Adsense is a major avenue through which bloggers monetize their blog, its working principle is simple, apply> get approved >get the code> wait for clicks> make your money. Getting adsense approval is not that easy, it takes a lot of energy and hard work. Adsense is patronized because of their reputation, they are capable of paying you anytime you want and there are no cases of scam compared to other pay-per-click running companies. Bloggers get their google adsense application disapproved for some reasons that are best known to google, in some serious cases of crimes like click fraud and also the violation of adsense policy, bloggers get banned from applying to google adsense in the future unless you change your site and other crucial details. When you get disapproved, all hope is not lost because there are many more profitable ways you can earn from your blog without adsense. Maybe you didn’t know that there are actually some people who have been approved by adsense and are currently running the ads but they can’t earn up to 10$ per month so you can agree with me that it’s not all about the approval but knowing how to use your available means effectively. The aim of this publication is to enlighten and also encourage you by opening your mind to other opportunities so take your time and try these sources out, it’s proven and it’s what most people who got banned or tired of adsense are using to earn from their blog. Our discussion on the alternatives to google adsense begins now:


Affiliate marketing is a remarkable means of making money; it’s also a suitable alternative to google adsense and if managed or done properly, can yield a fat some of money.


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business or company awards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing effort. An affiliate is a person that is officially attached to a company or organization. An affiliates usually uses some methods in other to promote his/her product and such methods includes: organic search engine optimization, email list building, running pay per clicks and advertising affiliate product on blog. The principle behind affiliate marketing is simple, you just have to register with your desired company, get their approval and start promoting their products through a link on your website or on social media. Now, whenever a visitor or customer buys a product through your affiliate link, you will earn some commissions which is usually 20- 70% depending on the financial status of the company. You see how simple it is? The trick about getting your link clicked is by creating a post about the product and inserting your affiliate links within the post as <a href> at strategic positions.


 This might sound weird but it’s not as weird as you think, in fact it is a very smart way of making money online from what you have no idea about. The logic is simple and easy to grab, if you own a blog which I suppose you do, then you can go ahead and sell other peoples service by being a middleman. You can place an ads on your blog about the different services that are available and when your visitor shows interest, you set a price and make it in such a way that you won’t run at a loss, get the job and give it to someone who can handle it, pay him/her for the service rendered and pocket the remaining money. Let’s illustrate this; assuming you blog about internet and websites, you can place an eye-catching ads on your blog about getting a professionally designed website, include your contact details if any of your visitor shows interest about getting the website, tell him the price and then give the job to some else who can do it, when the job is delivered pay for the service and then the rest of the money is yours. You see how smart it is, you can ear just like that without building any website or typing any HTML code.


 selling ads space is your right, you don’t have to apply and wait for approval from anybody but rather people come to you to apply for it. To be able to sell ads space, you need great traffic. You can build your traffic to up to 10k per month and then begin the selling of ads space. Ads space has duration, some contracts may last for months or years depending on your billing and choice but not forever. Make a good deal in terms of price and be persuasive as possible. Use OIO Publisher plug-in for Wordpress to sell ad spaces with ease.


referrals works the same way as affiliate marketing, referrals are not much demanding like affiliate marketing. Both have something in common which is a unique link that will always lead people to them. You can post your referral links on social media, persuade friends to click on it and earn from their clicks.


Adbrite and Chitika are the leading alternatives to google adsense when it comes to ads display. If you weren.t lucky enough to get adsense approval, you can try out this two. Their payout is very competitive and it’s done in favour of blog owners. Chitika is awesome and it gets your niche ads displayed through fully customized novel ad boxes that match the standard of the present day ads display scenario. Stop depending on adsense and push your resources towards new opportunities. Try Bidvertiser , Chitika They are all better alternatives to adsense.


Writing reviews about products that are related to your niche is a sure way of making money online. Companies are willing to pay you to help convince people to patronize their product by writing credible things about their products. Reviews helps companies by enhancing their link popularity, brand credibility and product exposure and also provides a chance to understand peculiar consumer tastes and behavioral trends. It also increases their ranking in google search and based on this facts, companies are willing to pay handsomely for you to render the service for them. These two are the my recommended paid review companies that will pay you on time. ReviewMe & PayPerPost, you can read more about them by searching on google.


Inserting in text ads in your blog is another good way of making money without adsense. It works just like any pay per click and as the name implies, the ads is mainly text, no banner. You can do this by going with infolinks. The pay per click ads can easily be integrated in the site and can spring up your earning
and a new opportunity to make money without adsense. I have played my part by enlightening you and it’s now you turn to adopt this 7 ways to make money from your blog without adsense

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