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Sunday, 28 August 2016


A test blog is not different from a normal blog, as the name implies it is a special blog where you use in testing your new ideas and also where you take all your risk before doing so to your main blog. 85% of bloggers do have test blog and this is something very important for you to also have. Let’s see the reason why you create a tests blog.
  • It helps to prevent unnecessary and irreversible mistakes on your main blog. It is your test blog that takes all the risk on whatever you had in mind to do with your main blog. 
  • It helps in good decision making; publishing a post on your test blog before doing same to your main blog will help you make some corrections and decisions pertaining to the layout of your post. 
  • It helps to prevent any form of damage to your main blog when uploading a template from a third party. 
Like I said earlier, creating a test blog is no difference from creating any other blog but there are certain settings which you have to apply to your test blog. I’ll give a rundown of the steps on creating a test blog assuming you are new to this.

STEP 1: login to your blogger account, click create a new blog button on the screen, you should see this dialog box

Supply the required information on the dialog box by entering your title which is how it will appear on your blog> enter your address and choose any template. Since it is a test blog, you don’t have to give it an address that is that awesome, it is advisable that you give it a title that only you alone will be able to access.

STEP 2: click on the orange button below the form which says “create blog”. There you go, you have successfully created your test blog, after clicking on the create blog button, you should be taken to the next page which looks like the image below.

Now it’s time to make some changes which you shouldn’t do to your main blog.
STEP 3: click on settings >basic and under reader, select “blog authors”. This is to ensure that no one else has the access to your test blog. Still under settings, click on search preferences and make your blog not visible to search engine by ticking the check box for that option.


Use your test blog in learning how all the options on the blogger dashboard works. Check for your favourite template; try new ideas acquired through my tutorials on your test blog first before applying to your main blog. Any settings that requires you to enter the edit HTML section of your main blog, try that settings on your test blog first in case it malfunctions.
NOTE: you can always make your test blog useful if you no longer want to make it a test blog anymore by simply making some corrections and revising all the settings applied to it which enabled its invisibility.
Have a nice day! And share if this was of any help to you.

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