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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Good day! Friends, I have a very important online money making source to share with you today. It is called UC union program and it works the same way as affiliate marketing so if you are good at making money through affiliate marketing, then you can also boom through this one too. I’m sharing with you a very important post which can backup your adsense and affiliate marketing earnings so you got to take this really serious because no knowledge is ever a waste. You will be able to earn $1-$10 per day through sharing of download links. You must have heard of the famous UC browser which rocks well with a 3g internet connection, easier to use with lots of important site bookmarks, also, you must have also come across the following apps: paytm, 9apps, reward money etc. all of this apps are owned by the same company that produces UC web browser. They jointly created the UC union program to enable the sharing of download links to their apps and also to generate money for site owners like me and you. In UC union program, the main idea is app sharing so how it works is simple: signup>>get approved>>get a promotion product>>promote your product>>earn cool cash! The good thing about UC union program is that you can promote your product on social media by sharing links with friends unlike google adsense which fully demands a website or blog.


Hey!  No rush okay? We are going to take this step by step until we are done. Just like any other program, before you think of earning money, you need to sign up with them first; so to earn cool cash through UC union program, you need to follow these steps:

>> Open a new tab on your browser and go to this website

>> Click on sign up and select publisher

>>Choose your desired username and password. Your password shouldn’t contain any special character but you can use alphabets and numbers.

>> Select your country

>> Under online contact, choose facebook and enter your facebook page URL.

>> Enter your email address and under cell phone number, enter your country code (+234 for Nigeria) in the first field and your mobile phone number on the second field.

Most importantly,
>> Enter “nobleswazzy” in referral name and you will get $5 for just signing up plus 10% amount as bonus.

>> Check the box to agree to their terms and conditions.

>> Finally; click submit.


This is another interesting step but requires carefulness. Read this carefully and follow the steps. To get a link from UC union, you need to submit your blog or website to them. To add your site, follow these steps

:: After sign up or login, go to management section.

:: Choose “submit a new site or app”
Now watch and apply this settings carefully; under-
*cooperation: select “cash”
*Type: choose “affiliate”
*Source name: enter your site URL
*Source URL: enter your blog’s URL
*Category: select “blog”
*Integration method:  choose “link”

:: Click to submit. It usually takes a minimum of 4 hrs and maximum of 3 days for UC union to approve your site so all you need do is wait for their approval. After approval, go to the management section once again and follow these steps.

N/B: once your site is approved, you will be able to see all the available offers to select and get a promotional link. Let’s see how we get a promotional link from UC union program.

  • Login and click the management tab>>select “check campaign list”. On clicking this option, a new page will open giving you to options “Recommend campaign” and “All campaign”.
  • Click on “All campaign”, select your country from the drop down menu and click on search. You can now see all the offers available to your country and its price reward tagged to it.
  • Click any offer you find suitable for promotion and from the drop down menu, choose your approved website or blog.
  • Your promotional link will now be visible to you. Copy the link and share it on your blog and social media; once anyone downloads an app through your link, you will earn some bucks for it. The amount you earn depends on the app you are promoting, UC union currently offers $0.30 for 9apps and $0.55 for paytm; your amount also depends on your country of residence.

NOTE: you have to update your bank account details before the 25th of every month else your earnings will be put on hold until you do so.


This function can be achieved through a single click on the Report tab. On the page that appears, you will see all the number of apps download for any time history like “yesterday” “last 7 days” etc. to cash out, you must cross a minimum earning of $10.
Good luck pal!

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