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Sunday, 28 August 2016


Blogger is an amazing platform with several free features. It provides a free web hosting for you with a very interactive and easy to use feature. Blogger provides limited amount of free templates with the liberty to customize or use a downloaded or custom made template without any penalty. The free templates provide by blogger may not really meet our taste and this leads to the urge to get a more professional looking templates for our blogs. You should upload and use a custom made template to stand out from the crowd of those using the free ones. With a custom template, your blog will speak professionalism and also attract and make your guest stay longer other than just reading your post without checking for others due to poor post linking. Most templates come with different but useful features. These features are listed below

  • Navigation menu/bar for easy navigation through your blog 
  • Social media icons for connectivity and post sharing 
  • Featured contents slide which displays a moving image of your blog post 
  • Breadcrumbs which is also similar to navigation menu 
  • Responsive feature which makes your blog adjust to the device used in viewing your blog. Example: when a mobile phone is used, your blog adjust so as to fit into the screen of the mobile. 
  • Outstanding comment avatars and lots more which you are going to find out when you download one. 
  • Space dedicated to ads and dual sidebars are features which are not present in Blogger's default designs. 
Visitors experience is very essential for the success of your blog: A visitor who was able to go through your blog with ease and without many bottlenecks is likely to come back next time. Apart from the content of your blog, the template also plays a major role to your blogs success. If your template is easy to navigate; help readers find the content they like to read, and is aesthetically pleasing, you're one step closer to building a solid reader base so choose your template wisely in order to boost the traffic to your blog.
Ensure that your template matches your blogs personality and niche. Don’t choose a template meant for magazines and sports for those that don’t fit in properly.


Layout points out the arrangement of your blog. It answers questions like: how many side bars, footers, how large is the width, height etc


Below listed is the default blogger’s layout style which is a classic layout.

  • An overall width of 800px or less, optimized for small screen sizes 
  • A fixed width layout. 
  • A simple two column layout with one sidebar 
  • A wide header which spans the width of both columns 


A single column layout consists of the main blog post column without side bars but has a column below it for navigation and other blog features. It is ideal for blog niches like photography, fashion and sports where you can showcase your images aesthetically.


This consists of the main blog post layout and one side bar but with spaces for other blog features below them. It is dynamic and can be applied to many blog niche.


These consist of the main blog post and two side bars which can be on either side of the blog post or one one side.


Choosing the wrong layout may also contribute to the hold backs experienced on your blog. Think about this before choosing a blog layout.

  • Will I display an advert on my blog? 
  • Will I display non post content on my blog 
  • What are the forms of non blog post I will display on my blog? Will it be pictures, videos, audios or animations? 
  • Will the space be enough for the miscellaneous I will add to my blog? 
Answer the above questions and choose your blog layout based on your answers.
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