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Friday, 19 August 2016


Google adsense is an avenue for income generation to bloggers and general website owners. Adsense is owned and run by google; it is the most paid and highly trusted pay per click. How you earn through google adsense is very simple, you just have to set up your blog to meet their requirements and then apply for it. Many people get turned down several times but the spirit is when you don’t give up on applying for it. There are many means of making money through the internet, some which includes affiliate marketing, referrals, surveys, and products/website reviews. Of this entire means, the most reliable source is the adsense pay per click; you will never be owed unlike other sources. A lot of people get their adsense application rejected because of their ignorance about either one or more of the things we will learn here this very moment. I believe in getting things done once and for all and that’s why I advice my readers to lie low and work on their blog first until they are satisfied within themselves that they can get approved by adsense. Do you believe that it’s quite possible to apply for google adsense once and get approved? After applying these strategies that I will show you today, you will be able to answer this question without being skeptical about it. This strategy has worked for a lot of bloggers and that’s the major reason I decided to share it with you. Here we go:


  1. ORIGINAL AND USEFUL CONTENTS: extracting the value of your content from your blog, you will see that your blog is nothing more than a coded page displayed on a screen. The quality of your contents matters a lot, when publishing on your blog, write for readers and not google adsense approval or google search indexing; when you publish a post with the mentality of getting high ranks on google search engines, you are bound to make your blog lose its value. The contents in your blog should be able to either solve a reader’s problem or make it less severe but in a situation in which you fill up your post with keywords with the aim of getting indexed in search engine, your blog gradually loses its value. Avoid copying from another person’s blog to your own. This might have been better if you already got approved by google and you are already running their ads but the general idea of copying from some else blog to your own is a serious crime and this is termed “Plagiarism”. If you should get a material from another blog, do well by giving the proper credits to whom it is due and if you are so much addicted to copying, then consider rewriting the article completely but still, this is still not good either.
    ADVICE: before applying for adsense, make sure that you have published between 30-50 original posts. Do not copy from another person’s blog to your own.
  2. PRIVACY POLICY: as minor and less important as this may look to you, you may not know what it means to google. When you apply for adsense, during the period you are waiting for a response from them, google assesses your blog and one of the things they check which is not limited to this alone is privacy policy. Your blog must have a privacy policy which should not be less than 500 words long. If you didn’t include this in your blog, then you still have a chance of doing so and if you have already applied for adsense and you are awaiting their response, I will advice that you quickly add a privacy policy to your blog. See how to add a privacy policy to your blogger blog.
    ADVICE: include a grammatically correct and 500 word minimum privacy policy to your blog before application.
  3. CONTACT PAGE/FORM: a contact form is analogous to a diary in which you store the phone numbers and addresses of people. In the aspect of blogging, a contact page is what acts as an interface or a link between you and your readers. Without the information on your contact page, you remain anonymous to your visitors and any questions or help which could have been directed to you is thwarted. Google requires that you add a contact page to your blog so that your readers can get in touch with you and also for them too. So if you didn’t create one, then consider doing so. Check the procedures here.
    ADVICE: add a contact page to your blog. Your contact page should contain at least your email address, your social media usernames and if possible, your phone number.
  4. ABOUT ME: apart from privacy policy and contact form, you should also add this third one which is a page giving a brief detail about yourself- an about me/us page. Your about me page need not be long and also shouldn’t be too short. Just keep it minimal.
  5. AVOID THE USE OF GOOGLE IMAGES: this is a very damaging mistake that most newbie’s make. At first, when you newly ventured into blogging and a need arose for the insertion of images in your post maybe as a thumbnail, the very first thing you do which you might think is the remedy to your problem is to google for pictures. You might be right by doing that, at least it will make your post more attractive but its side effect is very severe. Those images displayed by google are images from private sources and some of them may be copyright protected and once you use them as a commercial image, you are indirectly infringing on their copyright which is also punishable by google.
    ADVICE: avoid the use of google images, download free images from websites who offer them for free and by this way, you won’t be infringing on any copyright.
  6. GENERATE ENOUGH TRAFFIC: traffic is paramount when it comes to adsense. It determines your income on adsense and therefore should be tackled seriously. Before applying for adsense, make sure you have generated enough traffic to your blog. You can get up to 30ktraffic a month by following the below summarized proven methods:
    *Write guest post to other high traffic sites.
    *Build your email list by providing enticing free gift items as a souvenir for subscribing to your  email list. You can create an eBook on a subject that is related to your blog niche or you can use a non copyright eBook as a reward for signing up.
    *Promote your post on social media but avoid publishing your entire post on media to avoid copying, rather, give a few lines and include a link to the full post on your blog.
    *Submit your site to search engines and write articles to articles directories like
  7. Make your blog active for like up to 6 months by constantly publishing articles. You can maintain a threshold of  publishing 2-5 articles per week until you have successfully been approved for adsense, then you can be publishing as you want but it shouldn’t take too long. 1 post per week is okay.
  8. Remove any other ads running on your site for the mean time until a successful adsense approval.
  9.  Make your blog easy to navigate, include a search box at the top of your blog header or at any other strategic position. Respond to comments posted on your blog and build a good relationship with your readers.
After applying all this methods, go ahead and apply for adsense and then you will agree with me that it is possible to apply for adsense once and get approved. 

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  1. Choi. With this, I think I am fully ready for Google AdSense.

    I blog @

    My only ish is traffic

    1. Yes for sure Abduljelil. Just apply the above methods, Goodluck!


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