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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Traffic is essential for the existence of any blog or website. It plays a major role in the existence of your blog and it is also the chief determining factor on how much profit you will make from your blog. In the blogging aspect, your traffic in the first 2 months after your blog’s creation can be very discouraging and you will be questioning yourself “how do these guys get up to 30,000 plus traffic per month?”

well, the trick is simple just play by the rules governing traffic and apply all the tactics involved. It’s very possible to get up to 30k plus traffic to your blog per month and in this post, I’m going to show you how to do it without paying any dime to anyone. You must have been tired of searching on google for traffic generating tips and also reading on sites about it, one of those things you will always hear is “comment on other peoples blog” but you have tried it and it isn’t working, don’t punish yourself because I’m going to show you sure ways of getting your desired traffic.

So far, we have been using the word traffic- I wonder what it means! A mere hearing of the word traffic should suggest to you that it is definitely going to have something doing with movement or flow of something or people. Traffic in blogging is simply the number of visitors to your blog. If 10 people read your post yesterday, then your traffic for yesterday is 10. But that won’t be the case after this post, you will be receiving up to 30k traffic and this is only if you apply these proven methods efficiently.


The means through which traffic can flow through to your blog is worth emphasizing on. There are many means through which you can divert traffic to your blog but we will discuss the sure ones which will likely boost your traffic to 30k per month.

1. Social media: if you want to get up to 30k traffic per month then consider being on social media. If you are not on social media, then you are losing a lot of visitors. Social media creates a platform for effective communication and exchange of services. To many, social media is all about getting online, chatting with friends and loved ones, viewing images and videos and lots more but to bloggers, social media is a very powerful tool for traffic building and diversion.

I can recall that I made my first 5$ by selling eBook to a facebook pal and the month after, I sold another copies still through facebook. I’m not bragging about this but I’m trying to show you that there is more to facebook, twitter, instagram and others than just sending and receiving messages. To generate traffic through your facebook account, you need to create a facebook fan page for your blog and then include a link leading it to your blog and from your blog to your page.

Publish great and enticing contents on your page or you can copy few lines from your main post, paste it on your page and then include a link that will lead them to your blog for the full post. Do same for other social networks like twitter and google+. Typing your post on your fan page will somehow be tedious and this suggest the need to automate your blog to your facebook page and twitter so that any time you publish a post on your blog, it will automatically be published on your fan page.

One of such automating media which has proven efficient is ifttt. There are others like “notes” for facebook but I recommend ifttt. Share your links with your friends on social media and make them hit your blog.

2. Search engines: the major source of organic traffic traffic is through search engines. Search engines like google, Bing and yahoo allows you to submit your site to them for indexing. You can sign up for google webmaster which is now called search console, verify your blog through any of the means shown to you- “mostly meta tag method for blogger” and then submit your sitemap to them.

Your sitemap shows the structure of your blog, your contents and also enables googlebots crawl your blog with ease. Submit your sitemap to Bing and yahoo too although not much traffic do come from there but every drop can make a whole right?

You can access your sitemap by entering your URL into your browser in this format. Replace “myblogurl” with your actual domain name and then enter it to view your sitemap. Optimize your blog for search engines by adding a Meta description to your blog, using keywords in your post, making your post title appear before your blog title and using an SEO friendly template.

3. Email marketing: won’t it be more fun if you make your readers come back to your blog each time to read your post? Sure it would be; you can achieve this through building an email list. An email list is a collection of email addresses for the purpose of sharing information. Add an email update or newsletter sign up form to your blog mostly at the bottom so that when your reader is done reading your post and then sees the form, he/she will have the urge to get more by subscribing to your list.

You can also attract your visitors to subscribe to your email list by displaying enticing free gift items like eBooks and then prompt them to sign up before getting the items. After getting a list, then start sending them mails and do not include the full post in the mail because if you do this, there will won’t be any need of coming back to your blog to read it, rather send a half post with a link to the full post.

Sounds smart right? You can use any of these email sites: mailchimp, mailerlite, feedsburner etc in building your list free of charge.

4. Guest posting: publishing a special post to other people’s blog is what is referred to as guest posting. This also boosts your traffic because your guest post will include a link to your blog and will therefore help divert some audience to your blog. When venturing into guest posting, tackle a high ranking blog because it is only a high ranking blog that can bring you the traffic not any blog that is struggling to stand on its own feet too.

5. Commenting: Post comments on other peoples blog, you might have been trying this for a long time now and it might seems it’s not working, this is how to make it work: comment on blogs that requires you to type in your URL, when commenting, frame your comment and try to make it solve another person’s problem on the comment section and then include a link to your site.

Don’t just drop a link to your site on the comment section because the blog admin will consider it a comment spam thereby deleting your comment. You can also apply a little hack by adding a hyperlink to your blog. For example, if you posted a comment and you want to make one of the words in your comment clickable, then add this code before the text you want to serve as a link <a href=“yourURL”> and also add this one after the text </a>. Let me illustrate this using a typical comment enclosed in this quotes “thanks admin, your post was really nice, keep posting more <a href=”yourURL”>blogging tips</a> for us.

The word “blogging tips” in your comment will become a hyperlink that will lead anyone who clicks it to your blog.

6. Link popularity: making your link popular is somehow demanding and difficult. You can make your link popular by letting people link their post to a particular post in your blog. 

The best method of acquiring links is by being as personal as possible, contact the admin of the blog you want to get your blog linked with>> try befriending him as much as possible>> tell him about your plight and how beneficial it would be for him to link you to his site>> get his approval and submit the link to him. Contacting a popular site owner and getting linked is difficult so try out the ones that are likely going to agree to it.

7. Articles directories: register, write and submit useful articles to article directories. When a reader finds your article useful, he will likely want to check out your blog for others and this is how the traffic begins to flow, before you know it, you are already booming with 30k traffic per month.

If you have read up to this point; then congratulations because you are likely going to get your desired 30k traffic. I hope this hints on how to get 30k traffic per month was useful to you, share with friends and other bloggers in need and remember that sharing is also a channel for traffic generation.

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