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Monday, 22 August 2016


Good day pal! I have a very nice topic to share with you which might be a kind of appetizer or a major source of inspiration to your blog’s current monetization status. You might be running adsense ads on your blog, but adding another resource to support your adsense is not a bad idea either, in fact, it’s a very sweet experience since you will be boosting your monthly earnings. The monetization means I’m about to share with you is called affiliate marketing and it is the means through which I made my first $50 online, it’s very straight forward and does not require you to pull out your credit card to pay anyone for it, many companies offer it for free because of the benefits they will derive from it. With affiliate marketing, it’s possible to earn up to $300 per month without your gross adsense earnings; this is because there is no limit to the number of companies you can affiliate with. You can be an affiliate to about 20-50 companies depending on your ability to promote their goods and earn few bucks. It is better to get affiliated to one or two at the start and see how it works before getting involved in more this is also because you will direct all your time and passion in promoting that particular product and “when there is passion, success is certain”. Currently, 45% of my earnings are through affiliate marketing and it’s the easiest means after adsense to make up to $100 from your blog because by becoming an affiliate marketer, not only will you promote products but also your blog post too, we will see this in details as we progress. You can agree with me that affiliate marketing is a remarkable means of making money; it’s also a suitable alternative to google adsense, so if you often get unapproved by adsense or you were banned from using adsense, then cheer up friend because all hope is not lost. In this tutorial, I will teach you the techniques and tricks I used in earning what happened to be my biggest profit as at that time; so get your cup of coffee, relax and learn because there is fun in learning. Do you agree? I guess you do, so here we go.


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business or company awards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing effort. An affiliate is a person that is officially attached to a company or organization. An affiliate usually uses some methods in other to promote his/her product and such methods includes: organic search engine optimization, email list building, running pay per clicks and advertising affiliate product on blog. The principle behind affiliate marketing is simple, you just have to register with your desired company, get their approval and start promoting their products through a link on your website or on social media. Now, whenever a visitor or customer buys a product through your affiliate link, you will earn some commission which is usually 20- 70% depending on the financial status of the company you affiliate with but it can’t be too low, it’s always a handsome amount of money. You see how simple it is? In a nut shell, This is how affiliate marketing works: find a company online which is related to your niche (may be a hospital, pharmacy or organization, webhosting site or any other rich organization that is offering affiliate program) and sign up to be their affiliate; you will be given a link and a product which you are to promote and then you can place the link on your blog and anyone who purchases through your link will warrant a commission for you which is usually 30-70%.


Getting people to click your link will somehow take long if you just paste the link on your blog without any ingredient added to it, so here are my proven tricks which I used in making my own money.
  1. Create a post relating to the product you are about to promote, for example, if you are promoting a product; let’s say a webhosting site, then the trick is simple; create a post relating to webhosting, list out the benefits of hosting a site with your affiliated company try to be as persuasive as possible, you can add testimonies from other users and can also claim to be using the same product. The only focus is on winning your readers heart to purchasing the product. Don’t insert your affiliate link at the beginning of the post but rather do it when you are sure you have been able to convince them enough by giving reasons and possibly some evidence whether real or fake. Then start scattering your affiliate link within your post but being careful not to mess up your post. Add a disclosure at the bottom of the post by telling your readers that those links are actually affiliate links which you can earn some commission if they make purchase which will not cause any damage or loss to them in any way.
  2.  Promote your affiliate links through social media by sharing your links with friends and also creating a good post which will serve as a container for your affiliate link
  3. Through guest posting: publish to other people’s blog with high traffic and also include your affiliate link.
  4. Through comments: you can post your affiliate links in comment section by using an anchor tag <a href=”your affiliate link>your text</a>.

The careful application of this method will yield a huge amount of money for you through affiliate marketing.

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