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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


A very important element in a blog is the privacy policy. It stands for authority, justification and also as a kind of warning or disclosure about your blog. Let’s define a privacy policy, privacy on its own means freedom from the attention of the public or a situation in which you are not monitored by anyone; policy means a written statement that shows an agreement of use. Therefore, we can generalize that a “privacy policy is a written statement which is usually concealed and indicates your agreement to the use of a particular thing”. By viewing this post on my blog, you have agreed to the privacy policy and also its terms of service. Adding a privacy policy to your blog justifies you and disclaims any form of damage cause by the contents of your blog. There are many reasons you can think of that will warrant you to add a privacy policy to your blog. I will explain few and most important ones before we kick start the process of creating yours.


  1. For Fast Google Adsense Approval: google adsense is one important avenue through which bloggers earn money from their blogs, all you do is apply and wait for approval; during the period you are waiting for a response from them, google evaluates your blog to check if it meets their requirement and also if your blog has adhered to their privacy policy and guess what friend? One of the things google access in your site is if it contains a privacy policy along side with a contact and about me page. As minor as these things may look, one has to be very careful because they play a major path in your approval for google adsense. By including this privacy policy, you are sure of passing one of their tests.
  2. Aesthetic value: your privacy policy also adds beauty to your blog, it shows maturity, neatness and professionalism compared to other other simple blogs. It differentiates your blog from others thereby making you to be one step ahead of anyone else who does not have the privacy policy.
  3. Justification against Mishaps: a good privacy policy should point out what you do in your blog, how you use the information obtained from your visitors, especially the email addresses, it should tell whether your site uses cookie or not. You should be able to indicate that all the information on your blog may or may not be fully accurate or certain and thereby, you don’t bear any claims of damages caused by the information on your blog. By doing, you are justifying yourself and also being on the safe side. It prevents your visitors from taking any legal action based on the information found on your blog. Okay let’s begin the main process


Write your privacy policy or you can generate it for free by visiting to get an already written privacy policy.
  1. Login to your blogger dashboard
  2. Click on the design tab and create a new page.
  3. Title your new page “privacy policy”, insert or paste your privacy policy in the field provided for content and click on publish.
  4. Go to layout, under design, you should see header, click the edit button beside it and check (tick) your privacy policy to make it visible on the header. Now, view your blog and copy your privacy policy’s URL. Go to and shorten your long URL. Remember to go back and uncheck you privacy policy page in other to hide it from the header.
  5. Go to your footer section and click the edit button beside it. On the box that appears, paste your shortened URL in this form <a href=”myshortenedurl”>privacy policy</a>. Watch out in other not to omit the quotation marks.
  6. Click on save and view your blog.  You have successfully added your privacy policy.

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