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Saturday, 20 August 2016


Adding a contact page to your blog is not compulsory but it’s essential. It creates an interface for your audience to get in touch with you thereby allowing you figure out those areas in your blog that needs attention. Google adsense program somehow demands a contact page on your blog which will serve as a means of contacting you par adventure something goes wrong with the contact details you supplied to them. We will quickly see the procedures for adding a contact page to your blog. To add a contact page to your blog’s footer, then follow these steps.

Step 1: login to your blogger account and on the dashboard, select pages and create a new page.

Step 2: after creating the page and publishing your contact details which should include your email address and social media contacts, make your page visible on your blog by ticking the box close to it on the page widget.

Step 3: view your blog and copy the URL of your contact page; shorten your URL by using or
There are two ways you can add your contact link to your blog at a very strategic position, the first is the attribution at the end of your blog or technically call it footer and also through the addition of a HTML/script widget close to the attribution. To add your contact page link to your blog’s attribution, then check step 4.


Step 4: on your layout, click the edit button near your attribution widget and on the dialog box that appears, insert your code in this format <a href=”your contact page URL”>Contact me|</a>

Step 5: click save.

To add your contact page just before the attribution assuming the space on the attribution widget is not sufficient, then follow step 6

Step 6: on your layout, just before the attribution widget, add a new widget name HTML/script form and type in this code
<a href=”your contact page URL”>Contact me|</a>
To make your contact me link appear in the center rather than the default left, then add this html tag to the above codes as shown below
<center><a href=”your contact page URL”>Contact me|</a></center>

Step 7: click save.

I hope you have successfully added your contact me page. Kudos!

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