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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Running a health blog is a very huge avenue for enormous earning. Come to think of it, as the day passes by, people get affected by one health issue or another, some of which may be chronic, acute or trivial and when this happens, there is the need for such victim to want to know more about his/her disease and the first thing to do is search on google; imagine that as he/she searched on google and your blog happens to be the first on the page and got clicked! 

That means money to me because as he/she goes through your blog, there will be some adverts by google relating to her health issues and she would want to learn more by clicking on the ads and that’s how you increase your adsense earning. People research about health issues affecting them, friends, family members and the society as a whole and the major duty of a good health blogger is to provide adequate information about the required illness and also some helpful tips as to keep it minimal. 

The reason I’m sharing this information with you is because of the amount of profit I have seen someone reap from this niche and it doesn’t require anything new from other blogging niche. Day by day, according to google keywords analysis, the search for the keyword “health” is always ranging from 100k-300k per day all over the world ,so can you can imagine how successful your blog can be if it provides enough useful health information to the victims. 

You don’t need to be a medical practitioner in order to blog about health, you don’t need a masters degree to start earning $100 per week from your health blog; in fact, all you need is the passion, your PC, internet connection and a blog. You don’t need to carry files from one manager’s office to another and you also don’t need to be a working class individual. The maxim “if you are not informed, you are deformed” plays well in today’s society, if you didn’t have any information about the possibility of earning a whooping amount of money online or maybe you are coming across this for the very first time then you should consider yourself lucky and take action immediately. 

Earning $100 per week is what an office worker cannot dream of, and the present situation in Nigeria in which people, students and families don’t have to depend much on salaries ; this has proven to be the best method of not get starved or bankrupt. There are 4 weeks in one month and earning $100 per week means earning $400 in one month, if you are a Nigerian, then you should know how much naira is inside your $400 so don’t dull, cease this opportunity and add more money to your bank account, receiving an alert of $100 per week is a stunning thing that should happen to you and in other not to miss other opportunities that will come from us, it is ideal that you enroll yourself in our free online class where I teach how to make money and other raise your infant blog to the apex it should attain; don’t worry about money, it’s free and it’s only through email. I will show you how to create a health blog and make it have a health touch and then how to earn up to $100 from it.


1. Web address: this is a key foundation which also determines the visibility of your blog and the ease with which your readers can recall your URL. Creating a health blog also entails choosing a web address with a health related keyword. When choosing the web address for your blog, avoid the use of your names of nicknames but rather coin a name that is related to your niche. 

A web address like should be avoided since it contains no keyword related to your niche but an address like is preferable since it contains your niche keyword and will also be easy to recall.

2. Free blog or self hosted blog: wordpress and blogger provides free blogging platforms where you can create your blog without paying with your credit card. There are a lot of limitations accompanying a free blog such as the ban on the display of ads as in wordpress, limited number of themes, lack of full control over your blog and others. 

If you want to run a free blog, then I suggest you go with blogger because blogger does not disturb the young guys making money but wordpress does. If you are going with the self hosted blog, then wordpress is ideal. Running a self hosted blog demands capital and if you are new into blogging, I will recommend that you go with blogger until when you have gained enough experience and also earned a lot, then you can think of running a self hosted blog in order not to run at a loss.

3. Availability of health related resources: like I said earlier, being a health blogger does not require you being a medical practitioner but just passion and smartness. To be successful in this niche, you need to have a lot of resources from which you can be adapting your post from. Extensive reading about a particular topic will also boost your success. You can be getting your articles from big health organization’s website, Wikipedia and sites like WebMD, NIH, Yahoo! Health, Mayoclinic, MedicineNet, Drugs, Everydayhealth etc.  Just search about them on google, read them and extract the main ideas.


Since I already created a detailed step by step procedure with images to guide you on how to create a blog on wordpress and blogger, I will link you up to the post so that you can create your blog by yourself without paying anyone. For steps on how to create a blog on blogger, click HERE and for the procedures on creating a blog on wordpress, click HERE. After creating your blog, start writing articles.


Designing or customizing your health blog to reflect your niche and topic is one sure way of attracting the attention of your reader, a blog with a nice background and cool photos will improve the taste of your reader. To customize your blog, apply these tips:
  1. Download a health custom made template and upload it to your blog, you can search on google to get a nice one out of the hundreds you will see.
  2. Use a nice background, you can use an image with drugs or something that will depict health, create a nice header with health related pictures. This will help your blog a lot by getting the attention of your visitor.
  3. Do not use too bright colours like yellow and other colours that will impede vision.
  4. Create a privacy policy, contact form, an about me page and a disclaimer.


What matters in your blog is the content because it is what actually brought your visitors to your blog. You might not know too much about health and no one will punish you for learning about it. So I will devise a strategy for you to help you create a great and helpful content.

1. Choose the topic to write on. Let’s say malaria.

2. Assuming you have a limited idea about malaria and you want to get more information about it, here is the simple trick: search on google about malaria>>gather all useful information about malaria and arrange them in this format:

 i) a brief introduction about malaria 
ii) causative agent. 
iii) Symptoms 
iv) preventive measures. By doing this, you will have a focus point and after gathering this information, check for free images on websites that offer them and download those ones related to malaria (may be a picture of mosquito) or if you are good enough to create one yourself then that’s cool. 

Go on and type your post on ms word and proof read them making necessary corrections, place your images and check the best position it will fit in. after putting things in place, then login to your blog and publish your post. Avoid downloading images displayed by google on search result and also be sure to rewrite every single article you gathered online to prevent copyright. 

You see you don’t need to be a doctor or nurse to own a health blog; you have successfully created your post within few minutes.
 N/B: when composing your post, try to be friendly as possible, no matter the kind of health issue you are writing on, always give your readers hope, don’t use scary words like “death” unnecessarily and when necessary you can create a kind of friendship with them through social media by allowing them follow you up.


This is the major reason why you are reading this post right now and if you skipped the rest of the post just to get here; it will be more helpful to you if you read the whole post and get the full gist. There are numerous means you can make money from your health blog. We will go through them one after the other.

1.AFFILIATE MARKETING: 25% of my earnings is through affiliate marketing, by being an affiliate marketer, you promote goods or services for people and get paid for it. This is how affiliate marketing works: find a company online which is related to your niche (may be a hospital, pharmacy or organization) and sign up to be their affiliate; you will be given a link and a promote which you are to promote and then you can place the link on your blog and anyone who purchases through your link will warrant a commission for you which is usually 30-70%. 

Getting people to click your link will somehow take long so here is the best trick. Create a post related to the product you are promoting (assuming a malarial drug), now while creating your post about malaria, you can place an eye-catching advert about that product within your post and also at where you will give preventive measures, write good and catchy information about the product and people will likely go to buy from them and that’s how you make your money with no stress involved!

2. GOOGLE ADSENSE: this is a major avenue through which many bloggers make money from their blog; it determines almost 50% of their weekly/monthly earnings. This is how it works: you apply for google adsense and get approved, you will be given a code to place on your blog which will display ads; anytime your visitor clicks on any of them, you will be paid for the click and that’s all to it.

3. SELLING EBOOKS: you can make money by creating eBooks and selling them online through emails or through an online marketing site like Amazon or eBay, but I prefer email. Creating an eBook is simple, you can compile all the post you have been typing on ms word and convert them into pdf or you can pay a freelancer to create one for you but this will require money. 

Create an eye-catching book cover and give it a luring title. Promote your eBook the same way you promote your affiliate’s product by creating a post linking to it. Suggest it to friends and talk them into buying your book. Make your money!

4. SELLING ONLINE SERVICES: you can sell other people’s services and make money from it; sounds weird right? This is how it’s done: place an advert about the kind of service you want to offer (maybe counseling, nursing, eBook writing, blog creation and lots more), now if anyone shows interest, tell him/her the price of the service and get someone who can do the service for you at a price lower than that which you charged the customer. Get the job done and pay the one who delivered the service, pocket the rest. Sounds smart right?

5. SELLING PHYSICAL GOODS: you can sell other physical goods on your blog by giving reviews about them and also sending them to the customers who requested it.

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