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Sunday, 21 August 2016


Configuring a slider can be very hectic especially when you downloaded a template without any installation guide and configuration support. I was once caught in this situation, I wasted my data searching Edit Html section of the sora press template which I downloaded but couldn’t understand any of those codes. I had to google about it too; friend! I googled and googled over and over again but couldn’t find anything. The annoying part is when the slide images are not related to your niche or topic in anyway and any visitor to your blog who sees the image of a young baby, a girl resting on a Ferrari, a musician singing with a guitar or a camping structure set up on a green field as is the case in the sora press template which I used will be left wondering what your blog is really all based on. Sometimes, the template which you liked so much for your blog may have menu bars configured in the language of the template designer which may not be English or any other language you understand; in such a situation, all hope is not lost because I finally figured out a way to play around and manipulate templates which I s what I’ll share with you today. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will choose a specific template for illustration which is the sora press blogger template but all what you learn here is not limited to sora press template alone but to other templates with a slider.

Sora press template is a very magnificent template; it is responsive, SEO friendly, ads optimized with a easy to navigate structure. If you are using sora press template and you want to remove the slider, then you will have to follow these steps carefully because the omission of any code will ruin the entire template. If you don’t have a sora press template, you can download one just for the purpose of this tutorial in order to get the general idea about what I’m trying to iron out.


 I will not advise you to apply this changes to your blog online through the normal Edit HTML section but rather through the use of a third party software called NOTEPAD which is inbuilt in most if not all computers so if you haven’t opened it before, then this is the right time.
Step 1: download your sora press template, extract it from the zip file and copy out the XML file of your template. Duplicate the XML file and use one of it for this tutorial while you preserve the other one for reference purpose.

Step 2: open your notepad (you can use your computer’s search box to search for the app by typing in “notepad”. When you locate it, open your notepad.

Step 3: now, right click on your sora press template and open it with notepad through the “open with” option that will be displayed on the fly out menu.
Step 4: on your notepad, press ctrl + F to open the search box (for windows users); now copy this code and paste it on the search box (codeรจ <div id='slider-container'>. The code is highlighted on the screenshot below

Step 5: when you find the code, highlight the whole of the codes beginning from <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> to <div class='clear'/> and hit the backspace key to the codes. Delete the spaces between the codes at the top and the ones below the point in which you deleted the slider codes until you have a single empty line or row separating the codes above which is <!-- content wrapper start -->from that below which is <div id='content-wrapper'> (view image 4 to see this step).  Take a look at this screenshot and guide yourself

Step 6: click on file on the menu bar and select “save” to serve your template.

Step 7: login to your dashboard and upload your edited template first to your test blog in case you made a mistake somewhere. If you don’t have a test blog, then create one. It won’t take up to 5mins to have a up and running test blog. If your template was uploaded successfully and your slider is no more after viewing your blog, then upload it to your main blog.

I hope I made this tutorial as simple as possible and hopefully, you have also been able to remove the slider from blogger template. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello sir,
    I tried but not found these types of codes in conversation blogger template by sora template
    Please help me

    1. Hello ankit, kindly mail me your current template through


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