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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


This topic may sound weird to you, funny to some and incredible to others but after going through this post, you will see that the weird, funny and incredible topic is a money bag waiting for you to hijack. There are numerous means through which you can earn a living online, these may include adsense, affiliate marketing, paid reviews, referrals, surveys etc but I think this odd topic we are about to learn right now should also be included in the list though people don’t know much about it. Making money by selling other people’s service is not a criminal job; you are not duping or cheating anyone, in fact, you are just being smart. What I actually mean by making money from other people’s services is acting as a middleman between the buyer of the service and the renderer of the service. You only give your buyer the impression that you actually rendered the service he/she requested for which is not really the truth. To make money by selling other peoples service, you need a blog; so if you didn’t create one, you have the choice of setting up a blog within 5 mins either on blogger or wordpress.


>> Look for a professional service that when rendered, will earn you cool cash.

>> Advertise the service on your blog at very strategic positions so that any reader who lands on your blog will be able to see the advert and may also develop interest.

>> Look for a professional who can deliver the service without any expression of dissatisfaction from your customer. You don’t have to be a professional in any field in order to make money through this means, all you need do is locate someone who is capable and can get the job done cleanly without any bottleneck.

>> If anyone shows interest in getting the advertised service, then tell him/her the price for the service which must be higher than the actual amount you are going to pay the renderer of the service in order to make a reasonable profit.

>> When the service is delivered, you can now pay the renderer depending on how you agreed to the payment terms (i.e. whether it was payment before service or service before payment)

You have successfully added some bucks to your bank account without going from one managers office to another nor writing series of application letters, you have to sell other peoples service and make your money from home. No dulling!

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