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Friday, 5 August 2016


Academics is much fun when you are financially grounded, it’s more fun to the rich kids or students because they seem to have whatever material thing is needed to succeed in school unlike the unstable ones who only hustle, rent and share whatever is required to aid their success in school. It doesn’t matter if your parents are wealthy or not, it is an inevitable fact that you need to be independent at some point in your life.

To those of us who depend financially on our parents seems to have difficulties in requesting certain things from their parents especially the personal ones that has to do with you alone. Those things that sounds awkward when you want to request from your guidance is what I’m going to help you get it yourself; in this way you won’t have to speak so much grammar and answer series of irritating questions.

Making money online is a simple task to those who are smart in ceasing opportunities but I think that when it comes to money making, we find out that even the dull or disabled is a pro too. Lol! Making money in school is what I will leak out to my friends in high school and also any other person who finds this resourceful.

It is possible to graduate from school with a 6-figure account balance (1,000,000), you don’t have to go around carrying credentials in search of part time jobs or searching google for vacancies but this is rather done at the comfort of your home with no stress or application letters. It is quite saddening that a lot of students carry costly and versatile smart phones but limits its use to calls, games and social networking.

Friend! There is more to your phone than just making calls, chatting on facebook, twitter and others; even the social networks that you primarily use your phone for, is also a medium through which millions of people are making money and also selling their products and services. I’ll teach you how to use your mobile phone in making huge sum of money rather than continuously generating billions of dollars for twitter and facebook owners daily, so buckle up guys.

Making money online has its own requirement and as at now, the best and efficient way to make cool cash online is through blogging. You must have heard of this several times from people, friends and ultimately – the internet. All what you heard about getting financially buoyant through blogging is really true, it is the easiest way of earning money while in school without entering any general manager’s office. Lets quickly get started with the process in order not to bore you with stories but I promise you that this one here will make a difference.


The same way education has its own requirement, online money making also has its own requirement too. The good thing is that it is not that demanding unlike education which demands tons of textbooks, high tuition fee and other paraphernalia.

The most important requirement for a successful online earning is OWNING A BLOG OR WEBSITE. With your blog, you can sell whatever you have and also advertise whatever that will generate money for you. Owning a blog also entails having the following intact.

  • Laptop  or smartphone
  • Internet connection ( this maybe the use of modem or WIFI)
  • Passion for a specific thing.
You see how small the requirements are right? When you have all this intact, then you can proceed. If you are not able to get your own laptop, you can be buying time in a cybercafé to do your blogging, so laptop is not a must-have for online money making.

Proceed by creating a blog on either wordpress or blogger and since you are new to this blogging stuff, I will recommend that you create your blog on blogger so that you won’t have to invest so much money on running a self hosted wordpress blog.

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To create your blog on blogger or wordpress, go to or respectively depending on your choice and follow the steps shown on this post on “how to create a blog on blogger” or wordpress.

I strongly recommend that you read the steps on how to create a blog first before proceeding in order not to make irreversible mistakes especially that which has to do with web address. Make sure you choose a web address that has to with what your blog willing be dealing on.

For example, if you are hoping to be writing articles about cars, your web address should has a word reflecting car in it; take a look at this addresses, or  and your address shouldn’t look like or when you are actually writing about cars.


After creating your blog, the fun begins. You now have to choose a niche or blogging topic or generally, you can decide to be writing about something you love so much, things like sports, fashion, health and lots more.

The reason you are required to write about what you love so much or should I say what you are passionate about, is because you will rarely run out of ideas on what to write about when you are dealing on the things you love most.

You will flow properly and also make cool cash from it. This is not a must, you can write about anything that catches your interest or something you think will generate money for you. Start writing fresh and original contents about the things you love; what original content implies here is that what you are publishing shouldn’t be copied from another person’s blog.

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After publishing original and useful contents on your blog, generate traffic to your blog. What traffic means here is the number of readers visiting your blog. You should be able to generate enough traffic to your blog in order to make money from it. Generating traffic is not a big deal; this is when you actually put your smartphone and social networks to use.


This is when you really use your smartphone and social networks as a means of money making. Create a fan page for your blog on facebook and automate your facebook and twitter account with your blog so that whenever you publish a post, it will automatically be posted on your facebook and twitter without you going through the process of typing your content again on your fan page.

When it comes to automating your social network accounts, I use ifttt, it is very reliable and free. You can automate your account by going to

Distribute links to your post to your friends and talk them into visiting your blog. You can write guest post on other peoples blog and also tap their traffic (you can write to me to tap my overflowing traffic too). Visit other people’s blog and also drop comments including a link to your site in there.


Yes! There is something else which is your main aim for reading this post and that is money making. After putting everything in your blog in place, you can go ahead and apply for google adsense. Google adsense is a major source of online money making for bloggers; it contributes to almost 75% of the monthly income from their blog.

Before applying for google adsense, there are few things you have to put on your blog in order to prevent disapproval. These includes creating a “privacy policy or terms of service page” to show your visitors the do’s and don’ts of your blog, a “contact page” which includes how your fans can reach you; mostly, the major mode of contact is through email but you can include your phone number and social network accounts details; another important one is an “about me” page where you write a brief story about yourself to inspire your visitors and you might also consider adding a copyright to your footer.

Just access my blog and other blogs to identify what is missing on yours, try fixing it and then go ahead and apply; if your application is successful, then congratulations because your money is not too far from you. Place the code given to you by adsense and wait for your visitors to click on them. The more clicks on the ads, the more money you have and don’t be tempted to click on the ads yourself because the very moment you try that, you will be banned from adsense and all your efforts will go to waste.

On the other hand, if your application wasn’t successful, review your blog and ensure that it complies with adsense terms and conditions; continue publishing original contents. After few months, reapply for it again. I wish you all the best, feel free to contact me through the contact me page or you can drop your questions on the comment section

ADVICE: blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme so don’t get hasty, take time to develop your blog to the stage that will guarantee a onetime adsense approval, post helpful contents, avoid copying and pasting and success will be yours.

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