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Saturday, 17 September 2016


When you create a blog for the very first time, if you didn’t define a purpose for your blog or your main point of focus, you will find yourself publishing from any angle, left, right and center which is not good for your baby blog. Most of us do make this mistake and after some time, we will realize the mistake because of the experience we will have on our blog, the page views, audience, followers and comments.

Choosing a niche which you know so much about is different from choosing a profitable niche which you found through google search results, you must have read a lot about topics to blog on but you don’t get to like any of them or you feel you won’t be able to make it productive. There is a very immense importance attached to choosing a niche which you will realize at the end of this article.

We’ve been using the word niche since the beginning of this post so I’m just wondering if someone is about to open his or her dictionary to check what it means! Well, before you do that, let me tell you what it means in blogging because your dictionary might not give you what you need. Put it simply, a niche is a localized topic which you choose to write on.

Your niche could be anything, it could be about yourself (that is, writing about yourself and everything associated with you), it could be a career, health, fashion, technology, sports, you name them. So you see, when we make mention of niche, it isn’t any much deal because it is just a topic you will limit yourself to.

 When you decide to be a niche blogger, it is assumed that you had already choosen your topic and that you are going to write everything you know about your topic without straying into other topics. Lets illustrate further, a person who write about cars, new developments in cars, car maintenance tips, car prices, car accessories and many other things associated with cars that you could ever think of, is said to be a niche blogger and obviously, his niche is automobiles or specifically cars.

 A niche blogger will only write and publish articles that are related to his or her topic alone and no other topic as seen in the above car niche illustration. By choosing to deal with a specific topic, you will enjoy a lot of benefits especially when you choose the one you know very much about.

Some of those benefits includes: constant ideas flowing through your brain which won’t give any room for you to lack what to write on, it will make your blog look organized since every post found on your blog will always linger around your topic, it will also attract advertisers associated with your niche to reach out to you etc.

So now that we’ve figured out what a niche is, what should happen next? I’m thinking maybe we should just checkout the niches that are available from which you could choose from, what do you think? I guess you’ve given me a go-ahead, so here we go!


1. Entertainment

I made this the first on the list because it appears to be the easiest and also profitable to indulge in. Mostly, this niche is usually occupied by those set of bloggers who really don’t like any other topic or those who don’t want to sit down and think on what to come up with in order to publish to your fans. Also, another set of people who fancy this niche are the office workers who don’t really have time to compose articles.

The reason I’m saying this is because it is very easy to get articles for your post. You can check on top news/magazine sites to get the headlines from which you can base your story on. Running entertainment blog is very easy and profitable, with it, you don’t need to campaign for audience because you can easily get them by using a very catchy title. In entertainment, you can post latest gossips about celebrities, players, public figures, news, jokes, pictures from events and lots more.

Everyone wants to know the latest news about actors and actresses, who wouldn’t want to know who Wizkid is dating currently or who Tiwa Savage is dating either? Everyone would want to hear the latest events taking place around them so your duty is to source for those information and provide it to them.

Your sources could be from other big websites like CNN, BBC, Vanguard, Punch, The Nation and other news/entertainment sites; and don’t tell me you are actually going to travel round the world to cover events and publish them too your blog, that’s just too impossible, so you need this big websites to get your information from.

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2. Fashion

It’s easy to get confused on what to wear for your very first date, your first day at work or even to church and other occasions. Fashion blogs perform their duty by easing those stress, they give you hints on what to wear for the right occasion, how to maintain your clothes and others.

If you are into fashion or not necessarily that, since you all wear clothes, put on jewelries and other accessories to adorn us. Everyone is suited for this niche, so don’t get confused anymore. These are the things you should consider in your fashion blog: latest clothes and shoes design, prices, where to buy, clothe accessories,, maintenance tips, you can even go as far as organizing tutorials on how to sow clothes, make shoes jewelries etc by this, you will become unbeatable in your own niche.

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3. Health

Every human gets sick at one point in time in their lifetime; I’m yet to hear or see anyone who hasn’t felled sick before, so, in case you come across such, you can let me know. Lol! If I’m not mistaken, health blogs are getting really lucrative when it comes to monetization, it’s value has risen overtime because it used to be associated with medical personnel’s but now, anyone who falls sick and knows the value of good health can go into it.

You can earn $100 plus with a health blog if you explore it properly. Among the things you should include in your health blog are: disease symptoms, possible treatments and prevention, weight loss tips, food that can cause ill health, best exercise for best body type and other things you could think of.

Don’t waste time, jump into it already. You can create a free blog on blogger and get started or you choose a self hosted wordpress blog, using wordpress will cost you few dollars which is nothing compared to the amount of money you will earn from your blog, so, close your eye and make the sacrifice.

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4. Education

At some point in time while you were at high school, you could remember that assignment that got you surfing the internet for hours, maybe you finally found the solution or you got tired of searching. Yes!

Someone else is also encountering that same problem somewhere around the world, you can take advantage of that and create a blog which will provide educational aids to students. You can organize an online tutorial class and teach students through your blog either free or paid; also, you can also make huge amount of money by creating eBooks and selling them to students, any desperate student who is scared of failing his/her course will definitely buy your eBook and that’s how you make money from your sweat.

Publish useful contents on how students can attain academic success, pass exams and overcome examination anxiety. You are good to go.
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5. Science and Technology

Science and technology is all around us, the smart phones we use now which can’t be compared to what was seen in the 90’s, the cars we see around us and the latest gadgets being manufactured all around the world is what could be found in a technology blog. By owning a technology blog, you can write and publish reviews about latest smart phones, computers, cars and other things. You can promote phones for big online markets like jumia and konga by becoming their affiliate.

6. Blogging Tutorials

Tutoring is what I do on my blog, you can also do the same, blogs are being created every minutes and by being a coach in blogging, you can earn a lot of money from it. You can create a blog and publish tutorials on how to create a blog, make money online, and troubleshoot problems on your blog and other things which bother bloggers.

7. Finance

Introduce people into new businesses by creating a finance blog for supplying entrepreneurial information. You can teach people how to start up a fish pond, snail farm, poultry, small business, how to manage resources etc. everyone wants to do more than one job that could bring income to them. Start a free finance blog now.

Bottom Line: you now know the available niche from which you can choose from, the list is endless but I’m only listing those ones that will be good for you as a beginner and you can switch or create a new blog with a different topic whenever you like. Creating a blog on blogger or WordPress is very easy, I already published a post on how to do that.

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