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Friday, 9 September 2016


This is a very trending issue affecting most android phone users. We are all humans and sometimes things do slip our minds, that is to say we do forget things. Sometimes we mistakenly choose a wrong security key and most of us do have our security key changed by our friends whom you refused to share your snacks with. Lol! It’s nothing to worry about because I believe that to every problem there is always a hidden solution and it just takes time, observation and critical thinking to discover it. Let me not bore you with stories, so I’ll just head to the point.
NOTE: this may not work for all smart phones especially those with higher android versions. I hope it works for you, so good luck. Secondly, if this is successful, all data stored on the phone memory will be wiped off. It’s advisable to always backup all your data. Click here to learn how to backup you phone.
Please follow the steps below carefully. It’s easy and simple.
1. Switch off your phone
2. Hold your power button and your volume button simultaneously. (i.e. press the two keys at the side of your mobile phone at the same time, it must be the volume button and the power button)
3. A screen displays with a plain colour (it can be any colour depending on the programmer of your    phone) with options on it
4. Among the options include “restore to factory setting” or “reset phone”
5. Use your volume button to scroll through the options till you get to the reset button.
6. When you are on the reset button, press the “power button” to select.
If you followed my instructions properly, then you should get a welcome screen showing the brand of your phone like Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, Lenovo, Nokia etc. after this is done, your phone appears as a newly purchased device and then you can choose a new security means.
If the above method didn’t work for you, then you have just one option but to flash your phone. This can be damaging a times but you don’t have a choice. Here is a useful tip you shouldn’t forget before thinking of flashing your phone:
Flashing your phone will permanently erase all your files, apps will be deleted, pictures, images and videos will be lost but you can avoid this by backing up all your useful files. You can move all files stored on the phone memory to your SD card for reuse.
If you rooted your phone, you have to unroot it before flashing the phone else your phone will crash for life.
Move phone contacts to SIM card to avoid losing them. After considering the above, you can then go ahead and get your phone flashed by a trusted professional.
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