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Thursday, 22 September 2016


90% of android phone users do experience this problem. Imagine a situation in which you charged your phone to the fullest and within a blink of an eye, it has reduced to 25%. Don’t take this issue lightly because it has the power of disrupting your communication link, impeding your business flow and loss of urgent information. This current issue can also disrupt your fun, if you do play games as much as I do, then you know that this will have a very annoying impact on your fun segment; with the battery drain issue at hand, you will now resolve to not playing games if at all you must receive phone calls. Also tied up with the negative impact of the battery drain problem is your duration of activeness on social media. Social media has become a good companion to the bored people and also a good means of getting yourself occupied because of the unending fun inherent in it, viewing new selfies from friends, reading hilarious jokes, inspirational life stories, news and videos is just too much fun for you to miss. In this post, you will get optimal help on the causes and suggested solutions to your battery drain problem. There are lots of issues that encourage battery drains and this includes:
  1.  Running of much powerful apps
  2.  Using mobile phones while charging
  3.  Constant active data connection
  4. Too much background apps
  5. Use of powerful live wallpaper
  6.  Increased phone screen brightness etc
If you are among the category of people who commit one of the above mistakes, then your problem is not farfetched, all you need to do is take this piece of advice and you are good to go.

  1. Running of much powerful apps: Do not run too much powerful apps on mobile phones at the same time. If you are done with one of the app, it’s advisable that you close before opening another one to prevent battery drain and to also increase your battery life. ALWAYS CLOSE ALL UNUSED APPS.
  2. Using mobile phones while charging: It’s also advisable and recommendable not to use mobile phones while charging, this weakens your battery and in a matter of time, you will start encountering serious battery issues. Apart from the causing of battery drains, this can also pose a serious threat on your life, that is to say it also causes health hazards. There have been recorded cases of phone explosions, phone burnings, phone overheating and many other issues all connected to this particular issue of operating phones while charging. DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE WHILE CHARGING.
  3. Constant active data connection: Constant running of data connection also plays a minor role which when boxed up with other issues could resolve to phone battery drains. This is because when your data connection is on, automatically, all your social apps starts running, you receive notifications from various apps and also outdated apps gets automatically updated if you set it that way. There is also a possibility that you yourself will run apps like web browsers, social apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. with these apps running simultaneously on your mobile device it is very likely to experience power drop in your battery and if it keeps going for a long time, it may have a hand in your annoying battery drain problem. Turn off your data when not in use and do not set apps to automatically get updated.
  4. Too much background apps: The use of too much background apps and live wallpapers also decreases battery life. Background apps like jokes, news, inspirational quotes etc and live wallpapers that involve complex features should be avoided. It’s recommendable that you use your picture, abstract pictures and all other images that are appealing to you as wallpaper because this will minimize the reduction in your battery power.
  5. Increased phone screen brightness: Finally, 100% screen brightness or like, sucks a lot of battery. Recommended percentage should be 50 and if you are to increase your brightness beyond this rate, it should be temporary. 


One of the best ways to solve this problem is enabling battery saving mode and decreasing your android phone brightness. You Can Use DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge or Battery doctor to resolve the problem of battery drain. Moreover, DU Battery Saver helps you to charge your battery fast by eliminating the apps running in the background of your Android device. Open your settings menu, click on the location and enable battery saving mode. ALWAYS USE LOW BRIGHTNESS IN ANDROID PHONE

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