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Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I was a bit surprised when I heard of this amazing app. I couldn’t believe it at first but then I recalled that I’m currently living in a world where science keeps on performing unbelievable wonders and that the use of android phone on PC could be possible in as much as Samsung can come up with a foldable mobile device. Another question that came through my mind was; how will it be possible to operate an android device in some computers that are not touch screens?

All my questions were answered when I downloaded the Airdroid app and began using it. I then knew how awesome this app was; it actually did everything my phone could do, in fact, it was as if I copied my android phone and pasted it on my laptop’s screen. With the Airdroid app, I could chat on facebook, twitter and also reply to messages on whatsapp and other social media, I used my mouse pointer to navigate the options I wanted since my laptop isn’t touch screen. Here are the things my Airdroid app helped me do:

1. FULL FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND: with the Airdroid app, you don’t have to leave your work on the PC to answer calls on your android Phone since you can actually answer the call right on your PC, not only will you be able to answer calls alone but you will also receive and reply to text messages, get app notifications, chat on social media, get notifications from your social media app. All the above features are mirrored to your PC’s large screen which makes the view super awesome.

2. SUPER EASILY EQUIPPED: you can use your computer keyboard to type your messages with ease and also able to use your mouse to control your android phone. The use of keyboard in typing gives good amount of comfort; at least, the amount of typo in your message will be reduced due to the large keys on the keyboard compared to that on the android phone. With the mouse too, you will be able to navigate your phone easily since the mouse feels more comfortable to the hand than holding the mobile phone.

3. EASE OF DATA TRANSFER BETWEEN PHONE AND PC: Airdroid app can access your clipboard thereby making it possible for you to paste whatever you copied from your phone to your PC. Also, you can easily transfer files like songs, videos, pictures and other things you want to copy from your phone to your without connecting any USB cable to your PC. This makes the transfer much faster and less stressful. There are other interesting features you will enjoy from Airdroid, it is not limited to the ones listed above.


STEP 1: Before you are able to run your android on your PC, you need to first of all download and install the Airdroid app on both your PC and Android device. You can download your app from Airdroid’s homepage or you click Android to download for android, windows for the windows app and Mac OS X for Macintosh OS.

STEP 2: Launch your Airdroid app and signup with your email address and Password, confirm your email address and follow the on screen instructions in order to be able to get it done. After successfully connecting the two devices, you can now start enjoying your smart experience!

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