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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


By displaying Google Ads on your blog, Google will pay you every time a visitor to your blog clicks on the Google Ads. The amount Google pays per click varies, depending on many factors best known to Google. Below are examples of Google Ads:

Before applying for Google Adsense on Your Blog I will suggest that you post at least 20 good articles to your blog. This will make your Adsense registration to be approved on time and also enhance the quality of ads that will be served to your blog. I already wrote on how to get a one-time google adsense approval which you may want to read on before proceeding. I will try and give you a summary of those things you should add to your blog before applying for adsense.

1. Before you apply for Adsense, try and add a “Privacy Policy”, “Blog Archive”, “Breadcrumbs”, an about me page, a contact page etc. to your blog. You can generate “Privacy Policy” for your blog at for free. i have already covered a tutorial on how to add an about me page, contact page, privacy policy disclaimer etc on this blog.

Recommended reading:
You will find “Blog Archive” from the list of Blogger gadgets. You can search google on “how to add breadcrumb navigation to blogger blogs”.

Note: You MUST NOT click on the Google Ads on your blog. If you click on the Ads by yourself, Google will know and you will be banned and once banned, you might not be able to use Google Adsense again. So, DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLICK FRAUD. Also note that completing this application process is not a guarantee that your blog will begin showing ads automatically.

For that to happen, your blog must comply with AdSense program policies in order for your application to be approved and it is only after approval that you will be able to display ads on your blog by adding a special code as will be communicated to you in their approval email. To get started with adsense, follow these simple steps

1. Log in to blogger and select the blog you want to apply for adsense through; that’s only if you have more than one blogger blog.

2. Click on the “Earnings” tab as indicated in the picture below.

3. Click on the “Get Started” button _ “Create Account”. You should see:

4. Click on sign in if you have an account with google which is your Gmail else you create a new one

5. Select the primary language of your website from the dropdown menu. It’s English as indicated by the picture.

Fill in the form as indicated above. Choose “Individual” as the account type. Ensure you are at least 18 years of age and the “Payee Name” matches the name on your bank account. The “Payee Name” is what will appear on your cheque which you will take to your bank.

If it doesn’t match the name on your bank account, your bank will not process the cheque for you. Fill your form accordingly with the correct information and don’t think of supplying fake information because this is not one of your numerous facebook or twitter accounts where you can use fake names, age and address; it’s really a serious business because it has to do with money and humans don’t mess with money.

Also, take Note of the “Policies”, tick all the boxes and note that failure to adhere to the rules will lead to you being banned. Once you are banned, you will never be able to re-register for Adsense again. This is a great asset so you must handle it with care. When you are done, click on “Submit my application”, you can also go back to review your information by using the “back” button.

What Happens Next After Submitting Your Application?

You will have to wait for feedback from Google Adsense about your application. In the mail that will be sent to you, you will be informed if your application has been approved or not. If approved, you will see the instruction on how to add the ad codes to your blog. If not approved, you will see the reasons in the mail and the steps to take in fixing the problem(s).

If approved, you can always log in to to generate your ad codes, track your earnings, monitor your payments etc. Once you earn up to $10, Google Adsense will mail an envelope containing your Adsense pin to the address in your Adsense account.

You will have to enter this pin somewhere in your Adsense account at for your Adsense account to be verified. Failure to verify your Adsense account after a specific period of time might stop Google Ads from been displayed on your blog. I hope you found this guide helpful and a million dose of goodluck on your google adsense application is all I wish you.

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