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Thursday, 15 September 2016


Despite the countless number of web hosting companies scattered all over the world, HostGator has been able to stand out since its inception in the year 2002. It has continuously made a huge impact in the web hosting sector by powering a large number of websites owned by people all over the world. HostGator is not limited to hosting only large websites owned by influential entities or organization but also powers smaller websites like blogs created on WordPress, Typepad, Joomla etc. you can start your ecommerce store powered by HostGator and Magento through their business plans. Personally, I have 2 of my WordPress blogs powered by HostGator and I can testify that since I hosted my website with them, I haven’t gotten any severe problem like those which I have been hearing my friends complain about. At first when I thought of hosting my WordPress blog with HostGator, I was really scared because I had no idea about what webhosting was all about but through their own blog, I was made to understand every single thing about webhosting which warranted me to host my second blog with them and also recommend them for my friends too. With HostGator, you won’t experience server shutdown that will exceed 12hours; the last I experienced was a year ago which was just for 6 minutes and after that, my blog was running live and wild. HostGator provides cheap and easily afforded web hosting plans and also allows the use of coupon codes to make purchase which will give you the service at a very low price for the first month; for example, the current price for HostGator’s Hatchling Plan is $5.56/month for a 3 years contract but with a coupon code, you can get it at the cheapest rate of $1.99-$3.00 per month (you’ve seen how generous they are, right?). Oh! In order not to forget, let me also tell you that you can easily activate or install your WordPress site through a single click on a button in your admin section after signing up with HostGator, because of this amazing feature, you don’t have to hire any webmaster to install your website for you since HostGator has already made the installation as simple as possible to carry beginners along. Here is a rundown of all the features you will enjoy by hosting your site with Hostgator, honestly, HostGator is really feature rich and you will agree with me after reading this review.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT: having a responsive customer care system is a major feature of any company who wants to build a good relationship with its customers; HostGator’s customer care system is par excellence and its always available to guide you through every step you take, they will keep you updated through their newsletters and you can also reach them anytime through phone, email or live chat even on social media like twitter and this is one reason it is a popular web hosting company that new bloggers will run to.
  • FREE DOMAIN NAME: after paying for your web hosting which will be given to you with a 20% discount, you don’t have to spend another $10 to purchase a domain name because this will be given to you free of charge and your domain name lives forever with you. You see how sweet they are? Free domain name with a 20% discount web hosting; Man! That’s just too much from them.
  • Unlimited Disk Space where you can store all your files no matter how large their sizes are.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth which boost the loading duration of your website thereby not making it take forever to load a single page.
  • Flexible and easy to use Control Panel.
  • Unlimited sub-domains: you can host multiple other websites under one domain.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Free Email account with your domain name instead of the regular and but you can actually get an email like mine which is This looks more professional right? Get yours now
  • A 99.9% up time guarantee
  • You will also get a 45 Days Money back guarantee. What this means is that you can actually get your money refunded to you if you are not satisfied with their service within the first 45 Days.
  • Free Weebly site builder and free website tools
  • Instant backup of your website to prevent content lost
  • 4500 free astonishing website templates
  • Free website transfer
  • Free domain, MYSQL and Script transfer.
  • Unlimited Pop3 Email Account with SMTP
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases with phpMyAdmin Access.
  • Unlimited Auto responders, Mail Forward, email aliases and 25 Mailing list.
  • Fantastico
  • Zencart and lots more.


HostGator has enough web hosting plans to meet the needs of every one. This plan ranges from simple websites/blogs to complex and classic websites and database. See them below:

HATCHLING PLAN-Single domain:

The Hatchling Plan is ideal when it comes to the hosting of one website, it is the best choice for bloggers and beginners just like I was some years ago, who haven’t had any web hosting experience before. This plan which is just like any other Hostgator plan also offers unlimited Bandwidth and disk space, shared SSL Certificate and a one click installation. If you have plans of hosting just one website, then grab the hatchling plan first, gain the sweet experience and when the need for hosting multiple websites arises, you can easily upgrade to the Baby Plan without any deleterious effect to the contents of your website. Don’t search any further
Grab your Hatchling Plan now! With 20% Off

BABY PLAN-Unlimited Domain Hosting

Are you thinking of hosting multiple domains? If “Yes”, then signing up for Baby Plan is ideal. Most bloggers owning large numbers of websites are actually using the Baby Plan. This plan allows you to host and manage unlimited number of websites under one signup without having to sign up for each and every one of them. With Hostgator’s Baby Plan, you will also enjoy unlimited Bandwidth and Disk space, Shared SSL Certificate and a one click installation. You can also use coupon codes in this plan to get your first year at the lowest cost you will ever find when it comes to quality web hosting. You can see the trend HostGator’s Plan is following; that is from Hatchling to Baby and from Baby to other complex ones.

BUSINESS PLAN-Unlimited Domain Hosting

This plan’s name alone can give you an idea of what to expect from it. Actually, the business plan is for companies that offers online services. The business Plan offers the hosting of unlimited Domains, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space, Free toll free number which you can use for your companies customer’s support, Dedicated IP and a Free Private SSL. If you want to own an ecommerce store like that of Amazon, eBay, Konga, Jumia, etc. then this plan is the best for you.


Are you planning to start a blog which will stand out among the billions of others already running on the World Wide Web? If “Yes”, then you are lucky to get this information on time. Starting your blog on WordPress and hosting it with Hostgator will give you a high advantage that will sky rocket your blog’s success. HostGator provides a compatible and user friendly WordPress hosting environment together with a one click WordPress auto installation through a click on just one button that will be visible to you alone on your admin section after sign up. Get started with WordPress and get your blog hosted with HostGator.


To enjoy more benefits from Hostgator, here is a discount coupon code which will help you retain $9.94 as discount on any package of your choice. During sign up, under coupon code, you can type in the coupon code shown below for the discount and it’s usable irrespective of the site that led you to HostGator’s website; that is to say, it doesn’t matter if you signed up through my website or another person’s website- this coupon code will always work. Note: this coupon code is not a hack or trick, it was officially given to me by HostGator since I’m their affiliate so you have nothing to worry about.
I hope this review helped you in picking the best hosting plan for your website and also clearing the confusions that were bubbling through your mind.
Disclosure: I am a HostGator affiliate and this post contains affiliate links through which I can earn some commissions if you sign up with them and this will not add in any form to the cost of your choosen plan. You can also use my coupon codes to get discounts thereby saving few dollars for entertaining yourself. Enjoy!

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  1. I think this is the best blog and its very useful and effective.

  2. Hostgator is a very good web hosting service provider.Their sustainable web hosting ways are indeed better than other web hosting services.I also purchased some hosting plan using promo codes and coupon code.

  3. I am using Hostgator since 2 years while I am purchasing VPS web hosting.Hostgator is the best web hosting provides in this world.I also start my business with Hostgator and its provides a great web hosting plans.Always perfers Hostgator discount coupons .because it gives affordable web hosting plan.


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