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Monday, 17 October 2016

A Lazy Man’s Guide On How To Add A Facebook Like Box/Fan Box Or Facebook Page Plugin To Your Blogger Blog

You can make your readers join the fun popping on your facebook fan page by adding the facebook like box/fan box or what is now called the facebook page plugin. This facebook like box or page plugin enables your readers to get an insight of what is happening on your facebook page without leaving your website.

Your visitors can like your facebook fan page right inside your blog without leaving it though they might need to login first. They can also send you a message through this facebook page plugin or like box.

Adding the fan box to your blog is very easy, it’s just the same as adding other banners from your affiliate to your blog. Before you can utilize this plugin, you must have a facebook fan page. You can create a fan page with your mobile phone through your facebook menu section.

You will also need to keep your facebook fan page’s URL handy because you will need it but if you have logged into your facebook account through your browser before, then you don’t have to worry because it will be included in its field aptly.

Setting Up your Facebook Fan Page like box /Page Plugin

To set your page plugin up, follow these lazy man’s steps:

1. Visit facebook developer page

2. On their Page Plugin’s page, enter your facebook page’s URL in its field if it wasn’t added already. Under “Tabs”, type in any of the examples shown in the field but if you want yours to be like mine without all those timelime, messages and events stuffs, just leave the field empty. Leave the width and Height empty if you are not sure of your sidebar’s width (the like box will auto fit into your sidebar)

3. If you want to show the faces of people who liked your page, then tick the “Show Friend’s faces” checkbox. Make your settings as you wish. There is a preview at the bottom where you can see what your like box will look like.

4. If you are satisfied with your settings, proceed by clicking the “Get code” button.

Adding Your Facebook Like Box or Page Plugin to Blogger

You can add your page plugin in 2 methods, choose which you like best but method 1 is preferable

Method 1: after clicking the “Get code” button, on the pop up page that appears, click on IFrame and copy the code in the text area.

Head over to your blog’s layout, add a new gadget at where you want to place your like box (sidebar is recommended) and click “save”. That’s all for method 1

Method 2: this involves adding some Javascript SDK in your edit HTML section. To do this, copy the Javascript SDK code in the Step 2 of the below screenshot and paste it immediately below your <body> tag in your Edit HTML section (this code must be saved once, so check to avoid double occurrence). Save your template.

Go to your blog’s layout and add a new gadget to your sidebar or anywhere else. Copy the Step 3 portion of your facebook like box plugin’s code (see image above) and paste it into the content area of your HTML/Javascript gadget. Save your gadget and view your beautiful like box.

Method 2 seems hectic right? Yeah! I know, that’s why I made it method 2. If you encountered any problem which I pray you shouldn’t, feel free to contact me. Share this post with friends, let them add theirs too.

Evaluation: How did you see the tutorial? Was it simple enough? What other widget do you want me to publish for you? Do let us know your thoughts. Cheers and remember to hit the share button! Sharing is just a single click.

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