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Saturday, 1 October 2016


Logging in to your twitter and facebook page to share your post with friends can be very tiring and time consuming. Social media follows immediately after search engine when it comes to traffic generation and blog popularity, apart from your guest hitting your share button to forward your post through their social media accounts to friends, there are other means through which you can achieve this yourself with every amount of ease. Yes it’s true that you can automatically publish all our post to facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, you mention them. With this widgets, you don’t need to login to your twitter or facebook account in order to publish your post because it will get the job done for you; so, after publishing your post, you only need to sit down and relax while your article goes trending on social media. There are many websites, apps and widgets that can help you achieve this goal but I will share the most reliable one with you which I have been using for a long time now. Here in this quick tutorial, you will see the various ways you can automate your social media account with your blogger blog without any need for PC since you can achieve it even with java phones.

1. IFTTT (if this, then that)

IFTTT is an awesome tool which I myself do patronize, with this tool; you can share your blog post on twitter, facebook and other social media at once without going through the process of typing it yourself. It also has other awesome features like: saying thank you to your new twitter followers automatically, sending a happy new month greetings to all your friends, sending inspirational messages to them and lots of sweet features I’m sure you will enjoy. How IFTTT works is quite simple, you need to create a free account with them first, after that, you can choose from the list of recipes they will show you and you can also fasten the process of finding your desired tool by using their search box or using this link after signup www.ifttt/recipes. You can check out a step by step tutorial on ifttt through this post by bloggertipsPro on how to go about it


Onlywire is another blog to social media automating site, it offers extra features which ifttt does not offer which includes the ability to automate 50 social media accounts and auto publish to them at once, a good monitoring feature which alerts you of any new comments or activity in your automated website, an analytic feature which allows you to track and monitor your social media performance etc. you will like this for sure so check out Onlywire and enjoy the automating features.


Still in the trend of IFTTT and ONLYWIRE is this more advanced automation tool, hootsuite performs more other functions aside from social media to blog automation. With hootsuite, you can schedule a post to be published in a future time, a powerful analytics feature which gives you an in-depth view of what your fans is saying about your brand, you can add team members and make your work easier and finally, a very super-active security feature which guides and conceals all your login details etc. don’t waste any more minutes, get started with hootsuite now!


Jetpack is made for wordpress sites, it performs more other functions other than just automatically publishing your post on social media, you can customize your sites CSS and other useful feature. One downside associated with jetpack is that it gives your sites credit to wordpress. That is to say, if you published a post, it will be displayed as “Patrick published to WordPress” instead of “Patrick pubished to Yourblogsname”. If you are okay with the downside, you can go with it, if not, then grab IFTTT or Onlywire.

This is preferable after IFTTT, it performs the same function as others and can help automatically publish your post on twitter, facebook and others. It is easy to use and reliable.

Now that you’ve found out the means of automatically publishing your post on social media, then don’t waste anymore minute, grab any of the above and get started. Enjoy!

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