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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Get A Free Business Email With Your Domain Name From Zoho Mail (Full Guide)

free business email

Speaking of professionalism, acquiring a business email with your domain name can help you out on this note. What a business email looks like is this for example the address I created for my blog, is It is not necessary that you must use the admin before the @ I only used that because that is what I wanted.

Before now, google apps had been the major way of creating a free business email for your blog but due to their cancellation of the free signup, we bloggers had to sort for an alternative. Zoho mail happened to be the perfect alternative. Their free plan is better and gives you what you need to get from any email app. The below listed features is what you will get from the free account.

1. 5GB mail storage for each account you associate with your domain name. Their standard plan comes `with a 10GB and 15GB mail box option. This size is large enough and you can manage it by deleting unnecessary junk and already read mails.

2. The ability to add 25 other users with the same domain name. That is, apart from the main email you will create (Ex:, you can also add 25 other email but will still be associated with that same domain name. For example, apart from the, you can create other emails like,, and so on until you beat the 25 users licensed to you.

You can upgrade to any of their paid plans if you want to add users greater than 25 but for a blogger, I think the free 25 is more than enough.

3. With Zoho mail, you can add 1 domain name.

That being said, let’s see how to create your own free business email.

N/B: to get a business email from Zoho, you need to use a custom domain. For those using the .blogspot sub-domain, you will need to get a custom domain name first because one of the procedures in creating your free business email requires the verification of your domain name, you can verify it using 3 methods – uploading HTML file to your blog, TXT file and CNAME. I verified mine by adding a CNAME to my records. My domain is hosted by godaddy.

You can geta .com domain name at the price of $0.99 from godaddy. Based on my experience with godaddy, I can help you make the necessary settings on your DNS manager as well as linking your newly purchased domain to your blog. Contact me

You can also get a domain name from Ipage at a cheap price too. Signup for Ipage

Using this coupon code BLOGGINGCRIB will get you a $9.94 discount if you should decide to sign up with HostGator for your domain name. You can check out my review onHostGator.

I will assume you have gotten your domain name.

Steps On How To Sign up With Zoho Mail

Step 1: visit

Step2: click on the signup button on their homepage

Step 3: on the page which appears, supply your details, add your website and choose a strong password.

Step 4: proceed to next page; you will be required to verify your domain name. For those who have a self hosted blog like wordpress users, they can simply upload the HTML file to their root directory but for blogger users, you can go for other options. Though I haven’t tried the TXT method, I think adding a new CNAME record will be easier.

Zoho provides guidelines on how to verify your blog, so all you need do, is choose your domain registrar from the list provided by them and view the steps. For godaddy users, I will work you through this process:

1. Login to your godaddy account

2. Go to “domains” and click on “manage”

3. From the options, choose “manage DNS”

4. On the page that appears, click on “Records” and scroll down until you locate the “add” button.

5. After clicking on the add button, select CNAME as the record type

6. Now, supply the codes given to you by Zoho under the displayed fields (i.e the host/name field and the destination/”point to” field). Leave the TTL field the way it was. Make sure you fill the host/name & destination/point to field properly.

7. After that, click “save”. Follow the same procedure in order to add the second CNAME record.

Step 5: head back to Zoho mail and click the verify button in order to verify your blog. Once it is verified, you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Step 6: You also need to change your MX records too. Godaddy users, access your dashboard once again and get to where you have records (follow the step shown on how to add CNAME record in order to access your dashboard)

In the list of records, select the MX record (note you are not adding a new one as at now) and replace whatever you find in those fields with the codes given to you by Zoho. After this go back to your Zoho page and verify it from there. You need to change your MX records if not, you won’t be able to receive mails.

Step 7: you will also need to set a Sender Policy Framework, commonly known as SPF, it is a text record associated with the domain to identify the servers permitted to send emails using the particular domain name. Adding a SPF is highly recommended by Zoho. Doing this is very simple, for godaddy users, you need to follow the same process as that used in adding a CNAME or MX Record. But under the “Record type”, you have to choose “TXT” and fill it as shown in the picture below. Under TXT Value, paste this code "v=spf1 mx ~all". Read the steps at Zoho for further clarification (also for non godaddy users)

Once you have verified it, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can compose mail and other stuffs. Zoho mail has apps for android and IOS you can check google playstore or download it through the email sent to you by them.

This is all folks.

Were you able to setup your Zoho business mail? Have you sent your first mail already? Are you using another free app offering this same functionality? Do let us know through your comments. Help friends get theirs by sharing this post with them.

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