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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Easiest way of making money online for free (I mean really really free!)

No website or blog, no problem! You may have read a lot and maybe you have also tried a lot on most ways of making money online. You google them every now and then but nothing seems to work and this leaves those crazy questions as to how those gurus who keep preaching it to you on their blogs and websites get to make it.

Wonder no more. There is an open opportunity which is absolutely free, I have tried it and I can confidently say it worked. It is called Payoneer affiliate program. Maybe you have been scammed by many other referral programs but I can assure you that this one is really genuine and I won’t dare waste my time on something not genuine talkless of writing about them either.

Payoneer as a whole works like PayPal, you can use it to receive and send funds online. They also have a great feature which amazes me most. It is actually their Payoneer MasterCard which can be shipped to you for free no matter where you reside. You can use their card to withdraw money directly from your Payoneer account through any ATM machine around you.

Now, this is the real deal. Payoneer affiliate program gives you $25 for each person you refer to their website to sign up with them. Does that make sense at all or does it confirm that famous cliché noted as “too good to be true”? Well, you better believe it because it is actually true.

I have been blogging for a while now and those past days, I never made a dime but when I stumbled upon Payoneer affiliate program, I decided to give it a try and I can honestly say it with a big smile on my face that I am glad I did give it a try because through it, I got to make my first $50 online which encouraged me to keep on blogging since I was at the verge of giving up.

So how does Payoneer affiliate program really work? It is simple; all you need to do is sign upthrough my unique referral link and get your very first $25 for free which is a reward for just signing up. You may be forced to ask yourself, which company actually gives $25 just for signup? And I will quietly drop my laptop on my table, pull off my shoes, jump high into the air and answer with an ear shattering voice “Payoneer does”.

So, after signingup through my referral link and getting your very first $25 from Payoneer, you will be given your own unique referral link in which you will use in signing up people. Remember that the more people you signup, the more money you make. When each person you signup has up to $100 in his or her Payoneer account, you will then receive your own $25 commission.

What this actually means is that each $25 you make through signups will be pending until your referee has up to $100 in his or her account before you can then receive your own $25 commission in which you can withdraw through any bank’s ATM machine for use.


If you own a blog with many readers, then you are good to go since you can gain some sign ups through your blog but like I said on my first paragraph, “No website or blog, no problem”. If you don’t have a website or blog you can also gain sign ups by taking advantage of your various social media accounts.

Here are the ways of gaining more sign up for both blog and non-blog owners

1. Facebook: when it comes to reaching out to wider audience, my two hands goes up for facebook. Instead of keeping late nights to read news feeds and view your friends and liked pages pictures, you can actually turn them into you object of affluence. Just posting the link to a group or a friend won’t make any sense to them.

They might just overlook it and mind their own business. So, the best way to do it is by writing a detailed but short description about it, telling people what it is all about and the benefits accompanying it. Try to make it catchy and really enticing but keep it real. You can summarize this post for use or you can share it to them through the share button at the bottom.

After the short description, drop your referral link at the end or within the post. You can write something like “Sharing is Caring” at the bottom in order to remind them to share your post. Also, keep sharing it in the various groups in which you are a member and watch the massive sign ups you will get.

2. Twitter, stumbleupon, reddit and other social media: just like how we did on facebook, you can also copy the same post from facebook and paste them in other social media. In the case of twitter, you might consider shortening your URL to leave space for other characters.

3. Forums: same thing applies here, you can still use the same post compose for facebook and others to publish on the forums you know. You might consider shortening or cloaking your URL since most Forums don’t allow such affiliate links. A good example of such forum is the famous I once got temporary banned for it.

4. Blog commenting: you can also share your composed post as a comment on another blog or site. It will be wise to comment this on post that is related to it (i.e something relating to making money online).

5. Guest Post: writing a guest post on a popular blog is a sure way of making more $25 through Payoneer.

Enough of the reading, it’s now time to take action. Begin your journey to success right now by signing up with Payoneer now!

Get your$25 for free. Sign up her

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